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Endometriosis laparoscopy

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Hi there, i'm 19 and i'm the only girl or woman i know with endometriosis at the moment. I read about it every day to educate myself but i was just wondering if someone could tell me about their experience with the laparoscopy and how long they were waiting to get the surgery as I have been waiting a year now and still have no date to be seen! I'm constantly in pain and can't enjoy sex with my partner anymore, should this change after surgery?

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The charity runs various support groups which are great for speaking to people in the same situation as you.

A year sounds a long time to wait, if you have an appointment coming up then ask your consultant what is happening. Make sure you stress how it is affecting your quality of life and don't be shy about talking about pain. Women tend to down play pain so are not believed.

Everyone has different situations so it depends on where the endo is and how the surgery goes. For example I had a large cyst which made sex painful. They took that away and now I'm ok but some other people continue to have pain for various reasons.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the reply, I will definitely call my GP x

Hi caralouone,

I'd take it easy on the info, there's a lot out there! Make sure you read from a few sources you trust and definitely access the support groups as it is a journey and it won't all apply to your body and how you experience endo.

I hope that your appointment comes through in good time.

Hey I’m 19 as well and honestly I’m still have issues 6 months after surgery and still can’t sex either without being in agony.

I waited a year for surgery and it’s nothing to be worried about, it’s over so quickly but recovery can be painful for a few days after so take it easy.

If you ever need someone to talk to, you can always message me ❤️

Thank you so much for your reply! That means so much honestly, it's such a hard thing to deal with at such a young age :( <3

Yeah it’s been so difficult and still is. I’m just happy my boyfriend doesn’t live near me haha

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