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Waiting on a laparoscopy

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First time posting...I'm 24 and am waiting on a date for a laparoscopy after what feels like years of going to my GP with intense cramps etc. I'm on cerazette which for a long time helped me manage my crazy periods but in the last year or so it has just stopped working for me, and painkillers don't work unless I take them like tictacs.

After being referred to a gyno by my GP, and having smears/scans/all that, my gyno says he believes I have endometriosis but can only confirm after surgery. So now I'm waiting for a date, meanwhile I'm in a lot of pain today (stuck in bed) and feeling down.

Anyway, my question, stupid as it is - I have a navel ring and I want to know if I need to get it removed before surgery? Pretty niche I know but does anyone have any experience with this?

Also if anyone has any general advice on what to expect particularly after surgery it would be much appreciated. I'm sorry for being so dramatic but this whole experience has really gotten me down, I don't know anyone who is familiar with endometriosis and I feel like my friends/fam just think I can't handle a regular period.

Thanks everyone, sorry for the long post xx

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Hi - welcome to the board!

I had an emergency laparoscopy a couple of months a go (became a laparotomy (big cut from above belly button to pelvis) as they thought my bowel was perforated) and they asked me to remove all piercings and jewellery. The only thing I kept on was my wedding ring, which they put tape over.

One of the incisions is usually through the belly button I believe so I expect you will need to get it removed.

Good luck with the op and make sure you get lots of rest afterwards. It's amazing how much energy it takes to heal!


Thanks for replying - it's so nice to find a community like this! I'm sorry to hear about your operation, it sounds very stressful and I hope you're healing up ok.

Thank you so much for the advice and wisdom, don't know why my navel ring is the thing I've been fixating on of all things haha! You're so sweet to take the time to answer me. xxx

Hi, I’m sorry you feel so rubbish I suffer with endo too and had a laparoscopy last March and had to have my piercing out for the op ... they use the belly button for one of the incisions but they would want it removed anyway - hope your date comes through quickly xx

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mwill016 in reply to Beaniewebb

Hey, thank you so much for replying and for sharing your experience, this is so helpful and I really appreciate the support! Hope you are happy and well and having a lovely day wherever you are xxx

Welcome to the group I'm new too but I know endometriosis is worst thing ever to us

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