Laparoscopy for possible Endometriosis

I am due to have a laparoscopy on the 25th April. I've had nearly a month off work and have been suffering in pain for months. I will have to go back to work up until my operation and then have at least a week off then. I don't know how people who suffer in this much pain can still actively work normally after recovering from the surgery. I work with children in a nursery and that is a very active role. I'm just very scared and worried.

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  • Are you having any other treatment in the interim, such as progesterone only pills?

    How are they helping you manage your pain? My gynae said to keep a constant dose of painkiller in the blood and not to wait until it gets bad to take them.

    Also, to check if they're giving you the most effective ones, e.g. naproxen/mefanamic acid, codeine, tramadol (codeine & tram can affect driving).

    Best of luck to you x

  • Hi. I've started changing my diet. Only started today. I wanted to know if cutting out certain foods would make me feel better in myself and also start to reduce my pain. I am on the contraceptive pill at the moment. I did have a 5cm cyst on one of my ovaries but that ruptured and went away. So now it's possibly endometriosis. If I'm in pain and I take painkillers every 4 hours I feel a lot worse and I am usually throwing up my food the next day. So I try not to take them at the moment and just rest a lot aswell as trying to keep myself moving. I have been on naproxen and gabbapentin in the past but that was for a separate issue. Codine makes me feel very confused, dizzy and sleepy. I'm trying to manage the pain as best I can but it's difficult limiting what foods you can and can't have so you don't suffer in pain. Especially at my age of 22.

    Thank you for your reply

    Rebecca x

  • Hello Rebecca, I had my first lap 2 days ago and holy I never prepared myself for pain like this, it's just crippling, had to go back to hospital yesterday for stronger meds. I can hardly move and its emotionally draining. You might need more than a week off work.

    Regarding food - cut out dairy (it worked for me, i only use a splash of milk in my coffee) you should avoid caffeine. Some say no gluten as it can inflamme the bowel, i like my bread so i switched to rye or soya based. My friend swears by aloe vera juice - im going to give that a go.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm thinking about 2 weeks off work to fully recover. Most people say that you have pain in your shoulder because of the gas. I only really started to think about what I was eating at lunch time today. I had a jacket potato for lunch with some beans. However, for breakfast I had Nutella on toast and some cereal with a glass of milk. After my breakfast my stomach was sore. After my lunch it was comfortable. How long were you in pain for before you had your operation?

  • Hi Rebecca try peppermint tea for the gas pain after op. It really does help. Also try and keep moving around, even if if its just around the house, as it will help disperse the gas. Also keep pain relief topped up and get plenty of rest. Good luck.

  • Thank you Jean :) x

  • Moore94 - sugar can trigger endo as well, basically all your processed and junk food is a no (but I believe in an occasional treat!). I was in pain nearly a year before I had my laparoscopy, I had various tests done, scans etc but it led to nothing. When I seen a gynecologist he decided about the laparoscopy but I had a wait a bit for that. At least now it's gone (for now!).

    Peppermint tea does help for the gas, my stomach is still swollen but that will take time to go down I believe. If you get codeine after your lap as pain relief, make sure you stock up on Laxido or something similar as it might make you constipated.

  • Hey! Just wanted to say your not on your own, I'm 24 so around the same age as you and due to have my first lap after years of pain. I have a very physical job and i only qualified in my role 6 months ago so I've been so stressed and worried because I've had so much time off sick and I'll need more time after surgery due to having to use manual handling. My managers are male and I was anxious about speaking to them initially about my condition but one day I sat down with them and told them everything that was going on. They now give me time off for hospital appointments etc. Maybe speak to work and explain the condition and how it affects you. My employers have been nothing but supportive and it's taken a weight off my shoulders. I was worrying I was going to lose my job but they reassured me and told me the priority was my health and that came before anything. Because if I'm not fit myself then I can't work to my potential. dont feel pressurised to go back to work until your fully recovered, take the time to rest. Fingers crossed for you and I hope everything goes well xx

  • Hey. Thank you for your reply. My employers are not very supportive of me being ill. What is your job? When you work in a nursery you are left on your own a lot and because I was being left on my own and because I was and still am in a lot of pain I chose to take some time off. I just worry when I go back to work it will be the same again. Me being left on my own with the children and them thinking well I took the time off I'm fine now. it's not a very nice place to work.

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