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Healing after lap with removal of cysts and adhesions?


How long does it take to internallly heal from this type of surgery?

It will be 2 weeks on weds since I had my op and I am still a bit bloated (some of that may still be from co2 gas) and I have some areas of soreness in my belly. Concerned that my ovaries may have got/may get stuck again to somehwere during the healing phase as their was no mention of using anything to help to stop them form forming adhesions.

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using anything during surgery.. I meant to help prevent further adhesions forming

I am now 3 weeks post excision surgery and I've only just started to feel 'normal' again x

Sam11_endo1 in reply to lizzyxx

Thank you xx

Hi, I agree. I'm 4 weeks post op and during the third week I felt better, bloating is a serious problem and it really hurts. Keep your meals small. Feeling "full" can be painful most times

Thank you, it must feel good to feel better x

My bloating is a lot better today.. still slightly there and have some sore spots im guessing where my ovaries were cut away from pelvic wall.

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