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Endo Cysts removal recovery time


Hi all,

Seems after 7 month since my first endo lap i now have to have another op to have 2 large Chocolate cysts removed from my right ovary.

I was off for 4 weeks after my lap and then 2 weeks working 1/2 days.

Has anyone had this done? If so how long were you off for after the surgery?

Many thanks


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I had removal of bilateral endometriomas in November last year as well as excision of endometriosis. It was my second endometriosis surgery in less than 12 months, so the anaesthetic knocked me around a lot more.

I'm an Early Years teacher and my job is pretty active. I took 5 weeks off work, but probably felt well enough to go back after 4 weeks.

I think everyone recovers differently though and the only way is to see how you're getting on post surgery. Don't rush it! Good luck. Xx

HL28 in reply to discobec

thank you so much. Hate being off work so I want to be back ASAP. I hope you are well now.

Hi There,

Hope it all goes well.

I really think it depends tbh. I’ve had a unilateral laparoscopic salpingectomy ( left tube removed) and I took off 3 wks. By then I was going bonkers at home and decided to go back and had a couple of afternoons off once I was back. Really go with how you feel rather than setting yourself a timeframe to get better. For me as I’ve had several surgeries the scar tissue can make things painful for me so I’m a bit easier on myself!

Take it easy and good luck!


HL28 in reply to Heregoesthen77

Thank you xx

Evening ..

Like people have said it is all different for each person.

I had two chocolate cysts removed in March and my surgeon signed me off for 2 weeks.

I was still badly bloated from laparoscopy, so just wore loose clothing to work and didn’t do anything too strenuous!

When are they planning this surgery for you?

Rachel xx

HL28 in reply to Rachel_1666

Oh that’s good to know. I’m booked in for22nd xx

Rachel_1666 in reply to HL28

All the best for the 22nd :) xx

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