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Removal of cyst and adhesions - is recovery longer than diagnostic lap?


I had a laparoscopy last year where they drained my endometrioma and diagnosed stage 4 endometriosis with frozen pelvis (lots of adhesions). I'm now due to have a second laparoscopy to remove the endo, remove the cyst and free up some of the adhesions. I also have endo on my bowel, which they will try to remove.

My recovery from the first lap was fairly quick - I was ok after 2 weeks. So am I likely to be similar this time, or is the recovery from this more involved surgery likely to take longer?

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I think it depends on the person, but I also would think that the more work they do on you the longer recovery will be, take it easy and judge it day by day,

Good luck xxx

Yes it is an accredited centre with experienced endometriosis and colorectal specialists. I've been told the surgery will take about 5 hours, but that they will be as conservative as they can in how much endo they remove, the goal is to reduce pain and improve fertility.

So should I expect the recovery to be more difficult and longer than the first lap? It's difficult to imagine, since the external wounds will be the same, but internally it will be very different I suppose.

Hi there I had a bowel resection ,ovary / tube removed endo excised and ureters dissected .I had a nearly 4 weeks off work but realistically I didn't feel completely recovered until about 6 weeks post op mainly due to tiredness.

Everyone is different of course but this was the case for me .

All the best

Oh that sounds like a difficult op Mablesky, sorry to hear you had to go through that. Thanks for responding

I had a similar operation and was given 4 weeks off afterwards, i recovered quite well and started working from home after 2 weeks but I would have probably needed to take the full 4 weeks if I hadn't been able to work from home, I found it hard to walk short distances or use stairs and got tired quickly. It took me 6 weeks to feel back to normal. Good luck! X

I thought I'd give an update

I'm 3 weeks post op - removal of stage 4 endo, large cyst, adhesions. It was on my ovaries, bowel, bladder, uterus, PoD and Uterosacral ligaments.

Immediately after the op, I struggled with low blood pressure, fainting and had to have a catheter as I couldn't pee. I was kept in for 3 days (2 nights) until my bladder and blood pressure normalised.

The pain post op was the same as my first lap (which was just a simple diagnostic lap and cyst drainage). The gas pain was excruciating for a few days, but the abdominal pain was very similar to the first time.

The real difference this time is how long it is taking to feel back to normal. I still have mild abdominal pain, with occasional shooting pains. I am due my first period, so I suspect that's the cause of some of the pain. I still feel 'delicate', can't do a lot and feel tired. But I'm fine, quite happy when I take it easy on the couch.

I'm planning on taking 6 weeks off work by which time I expect to be fully recovered.

I hope that update is informative to anyone else going through the same!

That is great information. I have just had my diagnostic lap done. I feel 75% back to normal after 1 week. I was wondering how long do I need off for the second/ major operation. It also involves bladder, ureter, and bowel.

Please keep up with your update. Take care x

Great to hear you're feeling nearly OK after your lap. But I hope you can continue to take it easy (I took about 2.5 weeks to feel 'normal' after my first lap).

The hospital advised me I would likely need 6-8 weeks off after this op, so that's what I told work. I think I will go back to work after 6 (2.5 weeks from now).

I managed a bit of gardening today, but can't twist, pull or lift anything heavy! And I'm still on painkillers.

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