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Lap results - stage 2 endo and adhesions

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Hello ladies just thought I'd update you all with my results. I'm still in hospital at the moment an feel quite sick and dizzy off the anasthetic but not too much pain yet. I have stage 2 endo and lots of adhesions. I was pretty out of it when the surgeon was explaining things to me so will ask him more questions in the morning x I can't believe it's taken 18 years of suffering before getting a diagnosis! Everything makes so much sense now and I'm relieved it wasn't all in my head xxx I've had the coil fitted so I'm praying that helps and I'm going to look into the endo diet.

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I read your previous post and I'm glad that you have had results after so long of waiting and dealing with this without any answers. I have my first laparoscopy in 2 days time, and I'm getting kind of nervous. Any advice? My biggest fear is that they will find nothing and I have to go back to square one, but I guess that was partly your fear too and I should just try to not over think this now. Hope you continue to have a painless (ish) recovery and it has helped in the long run! xx

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Been there done that. My first lap they found nothing. See if you can ask the surgeon to take several biopsies from several areas. This way they can see it at a microscopic level. By the way, by my second lap 4 years later, I am now at a stage 3 (moderate) endo. I have had the symptoms for nearly 7 years now, so I am now a firm believer of having the biopsies if they don't visually see anything.

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Thank you for your response! I will definitely ask her to, there's no harm in trying. It's just so frustrating because it seems a lot of people get an incorrect diagnosis on their first lap. There needs to be a greater awareness of how in-depth diagnostic procedures should be it seems.

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I'm almost certain mines worse than stage 2 and they only made one incision so how did they look behind my overies and POD? I'm going to ask this question in the morn. I vaguely remember him saying my womb was attached to something with adhesions so maybe this is the reason they didn't want to move things about In there x you definitely get your lap done hunny you know your own body better than any doctor :) I can't believe I cancelled my last lap because I felt like a drama queen having it. It wasn't until I was vomiting every month and in constant pain that's I realised it's not normal. Xx I've just woken up now and feel a little woozy still but not one bit of pain so it's honestly nothing to worry about.

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:0) ---Speedy recovery wishes to you.

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Thank you impatient :) Xxx and thank you for all your kind words and advice along my journey! My recovery can finally start here now. Can you recommend any good books? And diet?

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Surgeons just been back round to see me. The endo is on my pouch of Douglas/ bladder and a few spots on my bowl, mainly the left side. My womb is attached to the front of my pelvis with scar tissue from the cesarean which will cause a bit of discomfort as well. X I feel totally wiped out now and ready for my own bed, although it is nice being looked after by nurses! Wish I could take them home with me for a week lol.

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Glad it went well, take it easy. I had my lap done last Monday. Found endo same as yours but on my right side. Which I found odd as the pain is always on my left. I'm up & about but still sore, wearing trousers or tights is a pain. I had a letter yesterday telling me what I had done during the op (endometriosis ablation) it's frustrating that they talk to while in the recovery room, as its a blur. 8 weeks is a long wait. I hope you've got someone looking after you at home this week and plenty of cushions to keep you proped up. Peppermint tea & chai work really well for releasing gas. Take care. X

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Omg yes I heard them saying ablation whilst I was in recovery but I was completely dazed! What does that mean? Xx it's odd because I'm not in any pain or discomfort yet but they did give me strong pain killers last night so maybe they're still in my system. I've had shoulder pain from the gas but had a few peppermint teas and feel okay now. I had a hysteroscopy as well and I thought I'd have been a sore downstairs but not yet. I just feel really tired. I've been signed off work for two weeks and my mum is looking after the kids for me so I'm going to get plenty of much needed rest x I'm glad you're feeling a little better and you got some answers to. It's such a relief to know it's not all your head isn't it X Spoke too soon lower back ache and period pain is kicking in :(

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I'm so pleased you got diagnosis. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Xx

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Hinesm in reply to Mabes

Thank you mabes :) Xx

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Great! Glad you got the diagnosis after so long. Wishing u a speedy and full recovery xx

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Thank you Kjp :) xxx

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Glad all's gone well and you finally have some answers. My turn in two days time and I can't wait for it to be over and done with and hopefully get some answers too! Take it easy xx

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r thank you Claire. Don't be nervous about the op it's honestly not that bad. I feel okay today, just a little tired and sore. The anasthetic made me a little sick afterwards but I slept most the night an felt okay when I woke up. I hope you get some answers lovely, keep me posted xxxx

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