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Lap & TTC while healing

Hello everyone,

It's my first post but I have quite a few questions (sorry!). I had my laparoscopy a couple of weeks ago (x3 cysts removal, my right tube, some endo and pelvic/bowel adhesions); and I also had my period the next day (painful as I'm healing, but it was quite normal re lenght, bleeding, etc -sorry, TMI). Now, it's been two weeks and I'm due to ovulate (hopefully!). So we've been trying to conceive for almost two years, and we would like to start again. I'm seeing my doctor next week but I don't want to miss these days.

Also, when did you get your period after your lap - was it early / late? Did you get usual premenstrual symptoms? I don't know if I should count my last period as the 'first' period or...? I'm lost!


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Hey, glad you're recovering well. my first period after lap was early, by two weeks - I was on my period just before my lap. My naturalcycles app didn't detect an ovulation for that cycle (no raised basal temp); my specialist said sometimes surgery can cause stress and it throws our system out a bit, it can take months to get back to normal. My cycles became regular after the first blip, a new CD1 and new cycle length, but that's okay.

I also didn't realise that the usual tests for ovulation only detect the LH surge which doesn't mean ovulation, it means it could occur 24 to 36 hours later, that needs to be combined with the raised basal temp by 0.5 deg C 24 to 48 hours after for 2 days to mean ovulation has happened. That's what I like about naturalcycles; it combines the two and calculates just for you, with your cycle length and cycle phases, not averages like other apps.

Just keep doing what you do xx


Thank you so much, Farahziya! I'm doing OPKs & BTT as well, so just waiting for the surge/temp rise. I'm just worried about the whole thing because this would be my last cycle before my first IVF (+2 months on birth control).


hope it all goes okay xx


After my surgeries I would let myself recover for a few weeks. When I had a laparotomy I waited six weeks, But a few months after I conceived. I’m not Saying that it will happen this way for you, but there is hope :)


Thanks, KimPV! To be honest I'm quite optimistic, all the testimonies I've read so far sound very promising. My doctor said it would be almost impossible to conceive naturally, but "almost" impossible is not 100% impossible! :-)

I feel almost recovered, so we'll see how I feel going back to TTC haha

Thanks a lot!

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I was told at 14 I probably couldn’t have children. I have four now, two conceived after surgeries :)


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That's awesome! Gives me hope! xx


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