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Pain in Ribcage ? Inflammation

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Hi just wondering if anyone else suffers from this symptom ? Wake up some mornings feeling as if my Ribs are crushing in on me , like a tight band right around my rib cage then causes pain spasms across my abdomen. This is as well as sciatic pain down my leg from the back of my pelvis.

Just trying to ascertain if this pain is endo related or spine related

Was diagnosed back in January and am awaiting excision surgery in 5 weeks.

Just in so much pain this morning

Can anyone else relate to these symptoms please

Many thanks

2 Replies
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I haven't been diagnosed but I do believe I have endo. I get pains around my ribs, back and legs. It's so hard to know which pains are related to endo and which aren't and I think medical professionals feel the same, especially as most seem not to know much about endo and also that they seem to be finding out more and more about the condition each day with ongoing research. (meaning we might get told now things aren't related but in a few years they might have realised it is).

Endo is so frustrating, as is getting a diagnosis of it! Hope the pains have eased and all the best with surgery X

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Chezzerl in reply to TiffJadeR

Thanks for your reply xx yes think your right that we will find out more as time goes on and more research is done. Hope you get some answers soon too x

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