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Inflammation left side upper back and hip pain and groin pain


Any one else's endometriosis cause there whole left side to hurt. Constant muscle spams never ending pain there's not a minute that goes by i don't feel pain .. I'm only 19 years young and been suffering since I was 16, i go to the women's hospital but nothing seems to help my upper left side back hurts a lot my mom said it feels inflammed and it just constant pain and any one have excersizes to help cope with the pain it feels like it's all connected from my back down to my hip to my groin area all the way down my left leg to my toe.. I would love to know who else has constant pain and please tell me how you live with it I'm seeking for help I constantly feel depressed

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Awe hun I have constant pain in my hips and bum cheeks all the time then it radiates down my right leg, I have leg pain some times.... It's horrible. Have you been diagnosed with endo ? XXXX

I've had 3 surgeries to excise endo and lost my left ovary. I still have ongoing pain on both sides that I thought was a kidney infection. Even sore to the touch. But now I think it is the ligaments that are inflammed by scar tissue. I haven't found much that helps yet. Stay tuned as I am always looking for relief.

Sounds like your bowels involved . Do you have trouble going the loo for number 2?

If so you might have a patch of endo on bowel. You can request an mri scan to confirm this.

My womb is c stuck to bowel with endo and can only eat cooked fresh plain foods or start s an attack

Sound familiar? Xxxx

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Sorry to hijack your post but I could have written this its exactly my symptoms. Can the bowel being involved cause this horrible left leg tingling?

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Yes of course as it's all in lower abdomen so I get leg pins an needles, shin pain, upper ab pain under breast, also left hip stabbing pains, fatigue

I get lower back pain also. Food aggregates it if high in sat fat, fried food or diary. I've lost 3 stone cutting out foods.

I had a lap and he diagnosed me then, said my bowel & womb are stuck together with endo. Now need another op egggghhhhhh xx

Hi, sorry that I can't offer any help, but I'm wondering how you got diagnosed? What were your symptoms etc? I've had symptoms of this since I was 18 and I'm now 20 (similar age to you) and my GP has put it down to sciatica. Thanks in advance.

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