Back pain and aches?

Might be a silly question, but I'm just wondering had anyone ever suffered with leg aches and back pain? I've got endo, I've woken up today with my legs aching, even hurts to walk. My backs also a bit painful, like just at the bottom. I've never had this pain before could this be related? I am seeing my gynae consultant tomorrow so will mention it anyway but just thought I'd see for anyone's advice?

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  • Hey- sorry to hear that you are in pain.

    I have occasionally had leg pains which have stopped me been able to walk properly, although it doesnt happen often. I also get lower back pain a lot, especially on my period. I think both are related to endo.

    Are you taking any pain relief?

    Mention it to your consultant tomorrow- there may be something stronger that you can take for the pain. Hot baths also work really well for me when I have back pain!

    Hope you feel better soon- take care :)x x

  • Yea I've got tramadol and morphine prescribed. I'm on prostap so aren't having periods. Just thought it's strange how it's suddenly just come on. It's just like the top of my legs, feels dead heavy. Like I've done five hours at the gym haha. Thankyou. Gonna go pop in the bath now I think. Xx

  • For me that's totally common. Cramping is often a regular symptom of endo, and sometimes they can radiate from your back/pelvic region to other areas like your legs. I have def dealt with cramps up and down my legs due to endo, usually around when I ovulate.

  • See I'm on prostap so won't have my period

    Just find it strange how it's randomly started. Thankyou x

  • I get regular back & leg pain and have seen a number of endo doctors who've confirmed it's a endo symptom. I use heat pads or hot water bottles, plus baths which help. It sucks though, hope you get some relief and your appointment goes well xx

  • Thankyou. Just random how it's just started haha. Gonna go have a bath and then get in bed with a heat bag. Xx

  • Hope it works Hun, take it easy xx

  • Hi Hun, I've had it constantly for at two years. Endo on the uterosacral ligaments or near bowel can cause it. There are nerves on the uterosacral ligaments that join with the sciatic nerve so pain is referred to lower back and legs.

  • I just find it so strange how it's just randomly come on. 🤔 Yea I do have it on my bowel Thankyou. Xx

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