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Endo & lumbar spine pain

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone who's been diagnosed with endo or awaiting diagnosis suffer with lumbar spine pain at all?

I've been having a lot of pain for 3 months and I worked in a radiology department, everyone thought it was sciatica but my doctor thinks it's muscle related so prescribed me naproxen and said they'd refer me for physiotherapist but the waiting list is 6 months long so I declined his offer.

I'm just wondering if the pain could be linked in with the endo or not? I know it probably isn't and may well be muscle related but the pain seems to worsen when bending down, sitting in the same position for long periods of time or even just simple tasks like hoovering or carrying heavy objects. Not only does the pain in my back flare up but so does the pelvic pain which is why I'm curious to if they're linked.

Any one else had this problem before?

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Sorry to hear you are suffering with this. I have this! During my last lap they diagnosed and operated on the uterosacral ligament (this is the main ligament that holds your uterus and cervix to the spine). As the ligaments become more rigid, the uterus, to which they’re attached, also becomes fixed in place and doesn’t move easily, causes a lot of pain! I really struggle with sitting still for a long period of time, so regularly stretch and apply heat patches. Yoga helps (cat/cow position I find particularly helpful, move slowly from one to the other) Following this incase anyone knows of anything else to help relieve this! Xx


Oh wow I had no idea about this, that probably explains most of the pain and not being able to move so easily. I feel like my back is locked sometimes when I bend down to get something and try to get back up it's like the whole area is locked, I'll definitely try some yoga but it scares me as I'm not flexible at all and even the slightest movements of my hips etc set the pain off so much :( I'll have a look into heat patches as they may be more helpful thank you x


I get alot of back pain which i am sure is endo related. Have you had you endo treated on the uterosacral ligament. They found endo on me there 18 months ago and did helica treatment and all the pain has return in the last few months. I really struggle to sit upright in a chair. Its so interesting to find someone with similar issues


they've found no endo in me and said my spine pain is probably a muscle problem and to get physiotherapy :(


I have endo and pelvic floor dysfunction, the thing that causes bloating or endo belly is often pelvic floor dysfunction since the muscles are tensed and can't relax so they just go out.

Whenever I get endo belly I get sciatica pain and pain in my lumbar spine. I also have pain with deep penetration at drs appointments but it's called down a bit.

I would've waited for the physiotherpist or found another one yourself search up Pelvic Floor physiotherapists in your area, well your waiting though there's a few things you can do:

1. Internal Massage:

Make a circle with your hand and trace inside it with a finger on your other hand, slowly applying pressure but not too much. Now move down to you vagina and do a kegel, you should feel a muscle tense up inside, do the same massage you did with your finger there for 2 minutes on each side. Do a set of your 10 10 seconds kegels and 3 quick kegels (1 second tense, 1secodns release) masage again for 5 minutes.

2. Yoga & Stretching:

Sets of 4 for 20 seconds- Standing Quad stretch, lunge, cobra, child's pose (on the last set don't do cobra)

3. Limit abb workouts:

So your pelvic floor is already tensed up and causing issues all over, if you work on your abb muscles all that's going to happen is your going to work on already tensed muscles and they might just 'snap' in your pelvis (it's happened to me in my PC muscle). Some abb workouts are safer then others, you need to make sure you aren't lifting your legs to your stomach so no crunches, sit-ups, chin ups or anything of that nature.

Don't do squats until you figure this out too, I find squats cause this pain the most.

4. Try not to curl up in fetal position when your in pain (it's going to be tuff)

5. Don't wear tampons:

Odd thing but it's like those yoni eggs that people use to make their vaginas 'tighter', when you have a tampon in with endo everytime your in pain that makes you clench your stomach you do a few kegels. Which is making your muscles tighter by wrapping around a tampon which is really small. I found that they made my cramps worse but what I did was change them more often and stop wearing them once I was home.

Hope these help, feel free to message me for questions or just reply:)


It can do. At least that's what I've read. I don't suffer back pain myself. The vagus nerve, the way the uterus connects at the back. The ligaments etc. Some women have a 'frozen pelvis' and have physio for this. It's definitely worth researching. Look for Dr. Andrew Cooks book it's very useful.


Hello, that's how I feel right now , spine , shoulders, can't sit for long, had my spine checked, tried phisio, checked lung as it's more upper spine pain . I will definitely connect it with endo as pain is cyclical, worse after I had a really bad period. Hope to find the answers during my first lap


Oh I'm sorry to hear you have so much pain, luckily it's just my pelvis and lumbar spine and hasn't reached the shoulders or anything yet but it's such a horrible pain, I don't have periods so can't really tell if it's linked to that either which is difficult, hopefully will get some answers after first lap too. Fingers crossed for you x


Thanks ) the waiting times are unbelievable though:(hope you feel better too. I wish I didn't have periods as they destroying my life, loosing so much blood and cramps are horrible. Have you been officially diagnosed?


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