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Back pain - new symptom

Hi. My gp suspects endo; have been in hospital twice with horrendous abdo pain, had ct scan, ultrasound and xrays - all clear. Pain was across my c-section scar but now is more prominent in my lower back and it's horrible. I've read that this is a symptom of endo but was wondering if anyone else suffers from it knowing that it's endo related, and what - if anything helps with the pain. Currently I take paracetamol, diclofenac (voltoral) and tramadol and oramorph when I'm desperate. I can't work with the pain or being on all these meds, have young children and am awaiting referral to gynae in 2 weeks to see if they will perform a lap to confirm endo. Would really appreciate your views/experiences. Thanks :)

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Your symptoms sound similar to mine with the back pain. I too have lots of problems with my c-section scars and the back pain can feel like I am in labour, and nothing really shifts it. When I had my lap last year I was told that I had lots of adhesions caused by my 2 c-sections as well as endo which was why my scars were causing problems also.

Hope you get some answers soon



I get pain accross my lower back as well as my pelvis area, right hand side of my trunk area and legs etc, and it's all endo related, as my ovaries had collapsed and stuck to my bowel/rectum. What I've heard/read you can get endo pain anywhere in the body....x


Sounds like you've been through a similar experience to me.

All my problems started off in my back as well as legs.

I had all the tests that you've had all with the same result - nothing wrong - until my lap which found the endo, adhesions and cysts.

Its definately endo pains

Hope you get sorted



Thank you - it's so very reassuring to chat with people who know where I'm coming from.... seeing gynae consultant on Tues and hoping & praying he'll agree to a lap (there aren't many other tests left to try!) so I know where I am. Hate being off work and unable to look after little ones for a whole day on my own though and am struggling to come to terms with the chronic side to this awful disease - dx is slow and it's not something that can be cured :( How do you ladies spend your time? x


I've been at home for 2 weeks now after my excision of endo and must admit, i'm starting to get fed up of being in the house but I actually dont feel like I could manage to go and get on a train to go somewhere or walk too far! And I have spent a lot of time at home over the last couple of years due to the pain etc, I really got into cooking, making flapjacks etc, might start properly again coz i want to start endo diet so thatl pass the time and it can be good fun esp enjoying what you've eaten.

I watch morning tele, read, have a bath, play on the internet (exxciitting hey!) till my boyfriend comes home from work.

It must be hard trying to look after your little ones, i dont know if I could do it!

I had to push for my lap, dont let them say no.

I was referred to gynae after 2 years of pain and every other test under the sun the only 1 coming back positive on 2 occasions was raised ovarian levels in my blood.

I seen one of the registrars who after loads of questions, said to go back on the pill which I had stopped taking in October as me and fiance were ready to try for baby or carry on trying to get pregnant. I said the pain had affected my life enough already and as I have been on the pill for 10 years and the pain had been constant for 2 years then I didnt want to do this.

She then said I'll speak to the consultant she came back 5 mins later and told me he'd said they should do an investigation on me and they needed to explain the ovarian levels as it is usually a sign of cancer, which they were almost certain it wasn't.

When I went to my gp surgery and seen a different doc to usual I told her about this and she shook her head and said good for you standing up for yourself.

Usually I am not like this but I'd had enough of there being nothing wrong with me or being asked 'are you sure you havent hurt your back?' !!!

So dont let them refuse you.

Hope you get fixed soon



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