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Hi All,

I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 7 months ago, and am currently trying a few different treatment options.

I am wondering what you all use for pain treatment. My biggest day-to-day issue is the severe bloating, pain and inflammation of my pelvis. I have recently started introducing the Endo Diet, and though I'm sure it will become effective eventually, I'm still not having much luck.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks about some pain relieving options? I was on a prescribed painkiller which made me very sick, so I've been experimenting with uses of ginger and essential oils for a more natural approach.

Also, has anyone done the medically induced menopause for endo treatment? That is next on our list of 'experiments', but I am incredibly nervous and sad about pursuing this option, as I'm only 23 years old. My doctors have advised me that this will be a very harsh and life-altering treatment plan should we choose to pursue it. Wondering if anyone could shed some light on the pros and cons?



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Hey, I am 26 and was diagnosed at 20, inducing menapause is the last on my list of things to try.

Iv had a lap and lazer removal which I don't recommend. I am having a second lap soon with the intent to excision the endo.

For pain I tried the pill and amitriptyline which definitely helped, I did put on weight though so now have a coil which I don't personally recommend. (Was very painful)

For day to day pain I use a whole lot of hot water bottles, including a yuyu which my fiancee just bought and is amazing! I also use epsom salts in my bath. Also don't underestimate the power of rest. Us endosisters can suffer from chronic fatigue so need our rest.

Also demand the best treatment possible, doctor's don't listen enough to our struggles and fob us off with easy "solutions"

Hope at least a little of this helps and good luck with your endo fight.



Thank you for your reply! Just out of curiosity, how long did it take from the beginning of your endo diagnosis until you received your first lap? My current doctor doesn't want to pursue lap too soon because of its invasiveness, but I'm starting to think it's something I should demand.


Hey, I had problems with my period since I was 10 and it was only after they had tried me on medications and done countless scans and tests that I demanded to have an investigative op which is when they discovered the endo and lazered it. My doc told me about endo but was adimant I didn't have it so if I hadn't demanded an op I would never of known.

If you are in pain I would demand a lap.

Im having my second one soon, which I also had to fight for.

Soph xx


Hi Meagd;

I'm 36 and have been suffering from the age of 25 after having my youngest daughter. I have been an "NHS guinepig" ( just my way of describing myself to friends n family😉) I have had just about every treatment and pain relief available from my doctors hospitals and my consultant. I'm just wondering if you would please clarify for me what you where meaning when you said the following

"Also, has anyone done the medically induced menopause for endo treatment? That is next on our list of 'experiments', but I am incredibly nervous and sad about pursuing this option, as I'm only 23 years old."

so i can try to give the you the best advice i possibly can, if its the same as ive had myself.



Thanks for your reply. I really don't have much information, but my doctor had mentioned medically inducing menopause with hormonal pills and injections. I believe this means all ovulation, menstruation, etc. comes to an end. We haven't elaborated on it much, but all I know about menopause from hearing it from older women in my life, is how awful and crappy menopause makes you feel... so although I'm desperate for endo treatments, I don't know if I'm ready to pursue something that will make me miserable in other ways.

Hope this helps? Thanks!


Hi there

There are 3 main options, and I've tried all 3 in the past:

1) Hormone treatments. I personally find these the most effective of the 3, plus they have the benefit of (usually) suppressing the endo so it doesn't grow/doesn't grow as quickly. I've tried a few different methods (depo provera injection; Mirena IUS; combined pill; mini-pill); all were great for me as far as the endo went, but due to side effects with the others I've now been on the mini-pill for coming up to 7 years. It's kept the endo at bay (I'm having symptoms at the moment but I think this is due to having been forgetful with taking it) and I haven't had a period at all. Given that most of my issues are when I menstruate, that's been a huge help. What have you tried BC wise?

2) Painkillers. I had adhesions back in 2009/2010 for about 8 months, and had to take painkillers pretty much daily. I mixed NSAIDs with paracetamol-based ones and had different combinations/strengths depending on how severe the pain was eg a 'good' day would be just paracetamol and ibuprofen; a bad day would be diclofenac and paramol (paracetamol with dihydrocodeine). I found this fairly effective, but only if I a) started taking them pretty much as soon as I woke up and b) took them at 2 hour intervals. Otherwise the pain had time to kick in/build up and then I'd be screwed. So do try experimenting with different combinations.

3) Alternative therapies. These include massage, acupuncture, heat therapy, TENS, diet, etc. I found heated patches really helped, and I also cut down on trigger foods (alcohol, tomatoes, and red meat are my big triggers and give me bad pain the following day). If you go the diet route I'd suggest keeping a food diary to see which specific foods are the biggest culprits.



This is really helpful. Thank you! My plan for now is to keep on the pill I've been using for the past few months, and test out some painkillers to find ones that suit me best all while tracking my diet. Sadly, chocolate is my number one trigger for pain! (Backwards of all the PMS advice I've ever received lol!) I am considering pushing my doctor to refer me for a lap, as I've still been experiencing major pain some days, and cyst bursts despite maintaining my BC pill intake. The idea of a lap is scary, but it's a tempting idea to know more about what is going on in there...


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