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Dealing with the Pain without medication


Hello ladies, I am just looking for some help and advice from women who know endo, as I am beginning to think that the doctors really have no idea what we go through!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 2 years ago, but they put a coil in immediately and were able to control it using that. Continuing abdominal pain led to a second surgery which also found polycystic ovaries. I was told that this wouldn't be helped by my coil, and my only option was the pill, which then doesn't help endo.

So I had to make a decision on what I wanted to treat, and seeing as the coil kept embedding itself and causing pain, I volunteered to get that taken out (hurt like hell). Anyway long story short I've now been told I can't have the pill and just have to 'deal with it' for a while.

I am in the last month of my masters and am often in so much pain I feel like I can't breathe and all I can do is bite my tongue so I don't scream. I just need to keep going for 1 more month and I could really use any advice or support you can give me? I feel like I shouldn't constantly be taking pain killers because it isn't helping my mental state or my health in the long run, so if anyone has any tips and tricks I could really use the help right now.

Thank you so much ladies <3

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There's been quite a few threads on here about tens machines. If you use the search function they should come up. I've not personally tried it yet but i do have one on it's way to me as I'm also tired of all l constantly taking pain killers.


Thanks Christina, nice to know I'm not the only one :) I will give the Tens Machine a shot!

hi. How you feeling? As you only have a month to get through to reach the end of your masters, if I were you id take pain relief to get through ( what are you on?). Longer term, have you looked into the Endo diet? I was sceptical but its helped me to work out what to avoid. I haven't used it but a friend swars by acupuncture to keep her Endo pain at bay. I found yoga helped but I had cysts so needed to be careful but it did sometimes take the edge off. Have you been seen by the pain team? They might be able to suggest some things like the tens machine already mentioned.

good luck and I hope you get your masters finished. Xx

You might try eating fresh pineapple. I find that cutting up half a pineapple and making it into a drink (I have it with watercress, mint and strawberries and a bit of oat milk) using a Nutribullet, for example, can be as effective as ibuprofen. Pineapple is anti-inflammatory. I think fresh is best if you can, but any pineapple will probably be good. So basically if it's pain that ibuprofen normally helps, there's a good chance pineapple will too. I am on a lot of pain killers but have pineapple when the pain killers wear off but it's too soon to take more.

Good morning,

I have yet to be diagnosed with Endo considering I'm only 19 and have had symptoms for a little over a year now. After reading tons of posts that I can seriously relate to I have started implementing certain things found on this forum. (They are helping) I deal with pain every single day so I can understand this concern(I'm a sophomore in college).

#1 Diet - Diet is your number one friend whether you've been diagnosed with something or you're completely healthy. I'd recommend seeing a nutritionist if you're not willing to do some research yourself(I'm talking hours). I've completely removed meats, dairy, alcohol, soy, and gluten from my diet because those are the food categories that really affected me. There's a book by Carolyn Levett "Recipes for the Endometrioses Diet" that goes into depth about what you should remove out of your diet and why. Along with what your diet should consist more of.

#2 Heating pad is your best friend - I'm not quite sure what it is about it that really calms down the pain but it works. I use soma care heating packs and they are great. I don't trust electric heating packs due to the fact I usually fall asleep with one on. They're a little pricey but maybe if you split it with someone like your a partner or parents it'd be more affordable.

#3 I'm all for natural healing so aromatherapy is something I have been trying out. This is something else you want to do some research on to see what it is your looking for price wise and quality wise. According to many health professionals, essential oils have many health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties, balancing hormones, and alleviating pain. Here are some sites to get you started on learning the benefits of essential and finding which brand works best for you.

Recommended Endo Diet Books:

Hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to message me.

-xo Kim

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