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Pain for days post clitoral orgasm

I am extremely embarrassed by this but I'm hoping for some help with my issue.

I'm 29, single and in the last 3 months had sex 4 times prior to that nothing with a man for 6 years so I found masturbation and found I could only orgasm with clitoral stimulation. I masturbated yesterday and orgasmed 3 times (2 squirting) but few hours to days after I am left in discomfort.

The pain is like the pain you get with a UTI, my vagina gets sensitive as does my inner thighs and sometimes under the arches of my feet (possibly not related) it is painful/discomfort to urinate and I had trouble with flow, I have to wear loose underwear, my anus is also extremely sensitive, painful to touch and when using my bowels it hurts like my vagina does.

I was a tad sore post having sex 3 nights ago but it was just the vaginal opening nothing like this. Ive had this feeling post orgasm in the past. I've never enjoyed sex, can't orgasm with a guy, I hate fingering. Could be because I'm in pain medications and anti depressants lowering my sex drive but I do get wet quite quickly. If I get turned on by porn or sexy reading it gets quite painful around the vagina area.

My dermatologist thinks it could be endometriosis and I've had surgery to investigate like 10 years ago which came back clear. I have the contraception implant for 4 years and have recently been put on Yaz as well to stop irregular bleeding. Because of these I cannot formally have the blood test for endo.

I think that's all the information I can think of.

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What are you suing to masturbate? If your using a vibrator it can lead to irritation of the tissues around your clitoris.

I know this is an odd question but did you penetrate your anus and vagina and used the same thing? Never switch between toys or finger since it can cause infections.

Did you wash your hands before? Some people don't think about it but it can cause issues. If your using a toy make sure to wash with every use.

Since your having irritation when peeing like a uti and vaginal pain I would get swabs done and a urine culture.

Bacterial Vaginosis can come up if you don't wash toys before and after, switch between different kinds of penetration, or don't wash you hands. And it can also cause a uti.

Another thing to be aware of is that an orgasm can lead to spasms which can make your pelvic floor act up and cause pain.


Thanks for the reply. I was only using the rabbit party of the vibrator strictly on the clit no where else. I wash tools after and wash area after. No butt penetration at all. I'm thinking it's my endometriosis coming back


But endometriosis wouldn't cause burning in the vulva, urethra, or anus.

A condition that could though is called Intersestinal Cystitis.

Did you use a lubricant?

Also if your opening is hurting there's a possibility that you have a condition called vulvular vestibulus, you can use a freezing cream for it.

Endo guest during and after penetration deep not in the opening.


Could it possibly be a UTI?


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