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Severe pain in my right side (in my waist)

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Severe pain in my right side (in my waist) as well as right pelvic pain and lower back pain. Just wondered if any of you lovely ladies have the same pain as I would love to know what's causing the pain in my side. I also have the pain 24 hours a day everyday and I'm permanently on tramadol and then sometimes have to take morphine. Which still doesn't take the pain away. At my wits end and fed up x

15 Replies
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Sounds like you might have a cyst lurking about. I would go to ur doctor or nearest family planning and ask to be checked. I got an internal scan at my family planning so they know there and then. I had severe endo but my right ovary was covered in cysts and that explained why I was in so much pain. Hope this helps a bit. Xx

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I've just had a scan and they said my cysts were normal size. Thanks anyway hun x

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Sunflower846 in reply to KarenlovesKermit

What does that mean? What's a normal sized cyst? Wouldn't any size cause u pain?! Sorry for the questions xx

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I've just had a scan and they said my cysts were normal size. Thanks anyway hun x

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That they don't even mention them on their report. Most women have normal sized cysts x

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I have the same really bad pain in the right side in to my ribs.. its really strange because it stings and if i sleep on the right had side through the night i wake up and the pain makes me sick my stomach has gone into a dome shape and i feel so full all the time and sick? the consultant tried to do a swab but stopped and was so apologetic because my cervix was really bulky and the pain was unreal, hes booked me in for lapros this Tuesday cant believe its took a male doctor to say..we are going to have a look what's going on.. i am so glad i found this sight i dont feel on my own any more and will ask them about could it be a cyst? xx

Hi Karen.

I have also had pain around my waist line. My doctor told me that this was probably the result of adhesions due to all the laparoscopies and a laparotomy, I've had.

Best wishes.


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Hi there i have an issue concerning my left upper abdomen. I have a pain which is also a stinging stabbing gripping intermittent pain. Doctor cant feel anything and is suggesting lesions, im hoping the specialists will take a look when ihave my hysterectomy,date to be confirmed. Ive mentioned before that im going to write X marks the spot before i go in for surgery!! Does anybody else have similar , its really bothering me, endometriosis doesnt get mentioned much in this area.:/ Hope we all get some answers. Keep well ladies..;) xx

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Am feelin pain in my right side of my belly. If u eat fr someone with hiv from there spoon can u have it

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Hi, I just registered and saw your post. I am having the same symptons. I just had had an Echo and tests done but still they can"t see anything... February, 26 I'm having a keyhole operation to see what the problem can be.

The doctors say they can't find nothing wrong with me. I got Tramadol, Diclofenac-natrium Actavis, Omeprazol and Paracetamol.... Sometimes the pain reduces a little bit and than I can go on and do my daily shores. But to be honest I am tired of this. Please guide me through this... Thnx you very much!

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NinjaSch in reply to Lolyberth

Hi Lolyberth.

Did you find out what was wrong in the end after the keyhole op?


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I have the same thing idk what it is help

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Hi do you have a lump you can feel if you put your hand on your stomach in that area. Just asking cause I get pain in my lower right abdo my right hip an my back and had a lump and try took me to surgery removed the mass and it came back as endo that had built up so much I have endo everywhere but that was the most painful and I couldn't wear jeans or lay on that side or anything sorry if it's not the case and this hasn't helped just trying to think and be some help hope u soon find out what is causing you this pain x

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I have the same pain right now in my right side what did you do for it

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Did you ever find out what was wrong and did it go away?

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