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Right side pelvic pain


Hello everyone,

Im noy officially diagnoised but I will have an answer in like 2 months. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but my right side is agonising 😣it started last spring time. It started with back pain. Few weeks later my hip felt like it was popped out of place. Few weeks later again my leg started to have shooting pains and felt like electricity.

The past few weeks I had an appendixtus scare. I threw up in the morning couldnt eat and was up all night. The dr pressed my stomach andi reacted to my right side they said i should go a and e for proper checks. It was low down slightly more higher than what i expect my ovaries to be? I tri cycle my pill and overdue becuase I've taken more pills to delay my period I'm scared if i do have endo why is it causing havok on my right and is it possible for endo to cause appendicitis i dont know if i am being paranoid.

Anyone had a simular experience? Xx

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Hi hun.

Sending big hugs . Sorry your in pain.

I have my lap next week , like you Im hoping for some answers to the pain I'm in.

I get a reall really sharp pain on my right side and up my vagina at the same time. I sometimes get it when i wee .It can make me shout out in pain. It only last a few seconds but can happen lots in a day.

I also have none stop pelvic pain that is worse when I am bleeding. Pain during and after sex . As far a back and leg pain I have had spinal surgery 3 times and have a lot of never damage in legs so they hurt all the time anyway. It does get worse when I'm on. The leg pain you have sound like what I had when my back first went.

I hope someone on here can help with some answers for you xxx

Nicjane in reply to Amyjane88

Hello! Thank you very much for replying it means the world. Also good luck for your lap! Quick tip I heard peppermint tea is good for gas pain.

Yes the pain is awful isn't it it can either make you feel like superwomen or make you feel rubbish. The only symtom I have with peeing is waking up 3 or more times in the night to go toilet. Oh wow I see I hope your leg pain improves. Rarely but now and again it makes me limp. I get pain around my belly button to but i think it eases when i have a bm which is rare for me. I wish i could have the lap right now my imagination runs wild when i get a new or reoccuring pain when it probably can be answered with a gyne issue

Thank you so so much for replying. Good luck for your lap male sure ypu rest as much as you can. And yes me too :) xxx

Amyjane88 in reply to Nicjane

Thanks for the tip hun. Yes the waiting for lap is the worst counting down the days. I also hope to uget some answers to and your pain gets better. Take care hun xxx

Hidden in reply to Amyjane88

Have you considered pelvic floor therapy? I had this pain for 7 years and it was only after a negative lap in November that I looked into pelvic floor therapy. I bought a pelvic wand and there was a spot on the right hand side that when I touched it, literally made my whole right side spasm and release exactly where the pain was. Mine was as a result of years of stress and holding it there but it could be they tense as a reaction to pain caused by endo or pain anywhere else, such as from your spinal surgery. Might be something to look into and then if it's not, at least you can rule it out when your doctors will no doubt try and fob you off saying it's that x

Amyjane88 in reply to Hidden


Thanks so much for your helpful information on pain. I think after lap I will look into this regardless of what they find. I would give anything a go to get rid of some of the pain I'm in. Many thanks xx

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