Right side pains only

Hello I had a LAP which gave me a positive diagnosis and laser treatment of endometriosis last year and since then when I get period pains it's on the right side only and in right lower back and is worse than before I had the operation. I went to a MALE specialist he more or less told me that I was either being paranoid about it or had bowel problem as it was all lasered so referred to gastro. This is definitely period pains as it comes with vaginal bleed and it's monthly so not ectopic - feel like I'm being left high and dry and nobody is taking me seriously. I have a high pain threshold and this is too much. What do I do?

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hi there, l had very similar, very specific symptoms also on the right hand side. A previous lap had confirmed a lot of Endo adhesions on my right side involving the bowel. In the end l had to have a full abdominal hysterectomy because l had a complex cyst on my right ovary and my CA 125 level was over a hundred. To safely get to my ovary which was stuck to my bowel they needed to do open surgery so l decided to be safe l would have it all removed. Turns out l had an endometria inside my ovary which was causing all the pain. Have you had your ovaries checked out? It was all benign and to be honest l feel really good now, just need HRT now until l reach the natural age for the menopause. I went to a specialist endometriosis centre at Birmingham Women's and the care was great. It might be worth checking out with your Gp if he could refer you to a specialist centre if your not happy with the response so far. Take care

Hi I had this same pain for a year, pain only on the left side all the time then crippling cramps and back pain, when they done a lap they found endo round both ovaries and bladder but I had a endo cyst on left ovary that had ruptured and burst and my left ovary had stuck to my pelvic wall x

I had my 3rd lap in april to remove endo from my pelvic wall and close to my bowel, im now having terrible pain in my ride side and getting the symptoms i had before my op but noone will listen as 'they removed all endo' on my op. Mine was done by an endo specialist also x

Hi, I've been researching to have a second lap done I see you've had 3, would it be worth going straight to a specialist? Where was yours? Thanks, Milly c

Hi Milly, mine was done by a specialist x

thanks Hanfan :) I'm going to re-register with my home Dr when I go back nd ask about being referred. I looked into the Birmingham centre, looks really positive!

I only get pain on my right hand side before my period when I actually come on tho it spreads all over. I didn't even know I had endo as the pain I get isn't bad but when I had my lap the consultant confirmed I had worse endo on the right and my bladder and bowel are also affected

Sorry you are in more pain I am yet to have a period since my operation and am a bit scared!

I am yet to have my lap (due to November/December time) and since the beginning I have had pains only ever on my right side which is why I think it's partly taken so long to have any investigation into the pain. I also get it in my lower right side of my back and sometimes shooting pains down my right leg only. Keep pushing them to investigate it!!!! People keep looking over my situation so just keep pushing them to look!!

This really sounds like it could be endometriosis as I too have such symptoms and sometimes it is so bad I can't move. I'd get checked /referred asap. Also, generally, exercise and drink lots of water. I wish you well.

I have a history of it in my family aswell as PCOS, I believe that I have it as do some (one) gynaecologists, hopefully will be diagnosed this year so I can face the problem head on! It's been 4 years already, thank you for your advice, wish you well X

Morning, I'm in exactly the same position! Had lap last Aug and the pain was mostly in the left - and funnily enough that where they found most of the 'cells', now a year later (starting 6 months ago) the pain is dull and constant in my left side, kind of like a constant stitch but not as stabby. Sometime I get it across my lower abdomen below my belly button and itlll stop me in my tracks for a few minutes to catch my breath. I am absolutely exhausted all the time. I've got a new GP and gynae from moving away from home and they can't possibly believe that it's Endo again after 6 months, but I know my body! It's getting so frustrating. And goodness me, when I told my gynae I didn't want children she looked at me like I was the spawn of Satan!!! You are not alone in this at all. I was given Naproxen 400mg to take twice a day, have you tried stronger meds? Have you thought about looking for a specialist rather than just your GP?

I have to be referred by my gp can't go on my own accord. My gp is a retired gynaecologist himself and he's been very good in the past he's taking the word of the last gynecology appointment who was a bloke who clearly didn't get how endo works and reffered me to a gastro. Sick of not being heard it seriously feels like something is fit to burst it's that bad then the day after I just feel so sick 😞

Spawn of Satan lol... My gyne REFUSES to do surgery to remove my pain because I am "So young and HE wants to preserve my fertility!" I have 4 kids! (2 biological) I don't want to preserve MY fertility! I'm awaiting consult from new doc now. It's just crazy to me that because I'm "only" 31 that my doc would prefer I suffer rather than just give me a hysterectomy! I don't get this at all, why is my body, my fertility, and my decision being made his decision?? I have had 3 surgeries for cleanup and to have ovarian cysts removed, my first when I was 15, I'm tired of that! The pain is consuming me. I have no energy and I am going to become addicted to pain killers if someone doesn't hurry! 6 months now, every day, some days better than others. I have abdominal pain (Of course) mostly I the right side where there is a 3.1 cm complex cyst. I have hip pain in the right, back pain, nausea, pain down my leg... Doc put me on lupron which has NOT stopped my bleeding, pain is only minimally reduced but I have now been given breast pain, headaches daily, hot flashes, irritability, increased nausea, and body cramps! I really can't take this much longer!!

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