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Anyone tried acupuncture?


Just that really... I am about to start decapeptyl after a recent lap. A friend was a bit of a cynic about alternative treatments but was persuaded by a physio to try acupuncture to help with back pain. He was bowled over by the results and has suggested I try it.

I’m pretty desperate- in pain all day every day despite my lap - and a little nervous about taking decapeptyl given the potential for unpleasant side effects.

A quick google suggests acupuncture could help - has anyone tried it? And if so, did it make a difference?

And... long shot... but if it worked for you and you live in East/Central Scotland, I’d love a recommendation for a therapist!

Thank you ladies xx

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I had acupuncture twice but not for endo. First time was with Chinese people who were amazing, I felt like a new me. I went in grumpy and came out like I was floating and everyone had auras round them, second time was with a normal guy and I felt nothing changed. I suppose it depends on who does it.

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