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Does anyone know a good acupuncture practitioner?

Hi, I have been suffering with endo for over 10years. My friends tell me about how acupuncture can help, but they themselves aren't suffering from endo and I want to know if anyone here had positive result from it.

I get sever stomach cramp to start with about a week before actual bleeding and spasmodic pains across my abdomen but usually worse on right side. It lingers till 3-5 days after my period finish. I had endometroma grown on my right ovary last year and since that last opt my consultant put me on yasmin pill and anti-depressant for 18months. Now I am facing another laparoscopy.

I went see a couple of acupuncture practitioners in South London near where I live in the past but they are either very expensive or very painful, one practitioner put a blanket over the needles on my skin and left me to bear it for 30mins, she told me to come back but after 5 session with her, I could no longer take the pain.

My family in Japan says that a good practitioner won't cause any pain. I also hate needles...

I would like to see one with a solid reputation and expertise in endo/infertility. Can anyone help me please?

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Try the British Acupuncture Council website to find a registered practitioner in your area:



thanks so much, I will look into it.


I have accupuncture, and I can tell you; it shouldnt hurt!!! I actually gasped when I read that a blanket was put on your needles. That sounds awful! Ive never heard that before. Maybe some practioners do this (I'm not an expert), but mine certainly doesnt. Thank goodness! I think you have just had bad luck. Dont give up, because I feel like mine helps. If on the odd occasion a needle (singular) does start to hurt, I tell my accupuncturist and she takes it out immediately. The point of it isnt to hurt you!! So if they are all hurting you, theyre not doing their jobs very well.

It is expensive though. Mine charges £40 per session. It might be worth asking your GP if you can get some on the NHS, but with cutbacks, I got turned down, so I have to pay to go privately. It might be different where you live though. It just depends on how much money is in the pot!

I dont live in London, so I cant help with a practioner recommendation, but try the link above that Embo sent you.

I think you've just been unlucky to date. Give it one more go. I find it helps me.

Take care x


thanks ever so much, its really helpful.Just had a laparoscopy and they told me that they have to refer me to pain managemen ( scar tissue on my nerve aggravates pain n can't fix it) and infertility clinic to get pregnant. So, I will try acupuncture again in mean time.


If cost is an issue, you could look for a multibed practice?

acmac.net is the association of community and multibed acupuncture clinics. They have a section on their website where you can find your nearest clinic.

I'm sorry I can't point you towards a specific practitioner, I'm not from London, but in Birmingham you can get treatments for about £15 at a multibed clinic. It is definitely worth giving acupuncture another go!


thats sounds great. Sometimes its such a work to find a very good one. Hope I will find mine soon. Thanks so much.


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