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Long wait for surgery

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Hi everyone, I’m new to this site but wondered is anyone else having shared care and waiting very long times for surgery? Im post ivf 5 years (failed embryo transfer x 3), symptomatic 8-10 years and worsened but never investigated for endo. Directed straight down ivf route as we were struggling to conceive. demanded laparoscopy 2017 after 3rd failed attempt, shown to have severe endo stage 3 and no attempt to remove any endo. Self referred to endo specialist centre (in the same hospital I attended for 5 years) and seen by surgeon Oct 17, MRI shown cyst to ovary the size of an orange as well as narrowing of sigmoid. Now await sigmoidoscopy (12 week wait), MDT review and plan for surgery which could take around further 6 months. All the while pain and bleeding unbearable and concerns me that surgery will likely be a year from my original consulantion. Surely this isn’t right? Got told today by surgeons secretary I don’t have cancer and I’m not urgent, everyone in the same position. Very rude, uncaring and not very helpful at all. Is anyone else struggling?

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