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How much help did you need after laparoscopy?


So I’ve just got my results from my ultrasound today and been told that there is abnormalities in the muscle so I’m now awaiting a date for laparoscopy surgery. There now put adenomyosis into the mix of it all or say it could be endometriosis that’s gone into the muscle or small fibroids.

Due to my job I live away from home and will be on my own. I won’t be allowed to fly home for a week to 2 weeks after my op. In 2016 I had an open myomectomy to remove a fibroid which I was in hospital for 4 days after the surgery but where I was for work at the time had medical facilities to look after me but the current place doesn’t.

I know this is a lot smaller op compared to the last but I needed surgery much help after the last op and was in a severe amount of pain and not being able to stand up straight.

Did you need help moving about? And we’re you allowed to lift anything? How long was your recover? I was told today 3-4weeks?

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I had my lap 14 days ago. It depends what you have done and I suppose everyone's pain levels differ. But I was in over night and couldn't walk strait for the first few days and needed a little help getting out of bed. By day 5 i was I was independent as such. Hope that helps?

I'm currently still on sick though as I have a very physical job and ive had some pain this week.

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