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What did you take to hospital when you had surgery? (Laparoscopy)


So my surgery is coming up end of month. Laparoscopy and polyp removal. I’ve been told to bring slippers and a robe (dressing gown) which I have and maybe something to entertain myself. Might take my kindle and phone. Is there anything else I need. I’m only meant to be in for the day so won’t need overnight things. But would like to be prepared. I’ve never had surgery before at the grand old age of 36.

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You aren’t old 🙂, had first ever surgery in Feb for lap at 51 😂. Petrified beforehand, it was actually ok, when they put whatever in to knock me out, I was away very quickly. Recovery was ok, felt a bit nauseous when I went to the loo after, that was because I got up too soon.

I was in overnight, it might be worth taking in some basics just in case they keep you in, you might be last in. I wasn’t a dress person, it was recommend because of the cuts and rubbing/ swelling. Don’t forget the charger for the phone.

I had a day surgery and you sleep after your surgery so you won’t need anything, something to pass time while you are waiting is most likely all your need and some lose clothes ! X

Something nice to drink, your mouth will be so dry afterwards. Lip balm and some refreshing face wipes. Really loose clothing for going home - you will be surprised how bloated your tummy will be! If you can have someone with you when the dr comes to see you afterwards it’s good as you won’t take in what they say.

Good luck x

Hi I would bring overnight things just in case, a nightdress is much more comfortable as loose over your stomach. I would also suggest some throat sweets such a soothers as mine was very sore after the opp. Definitely loose comfortable clothes to go home in and like someone else said dresses are much more comfortable x also wash your hair before you go in I found I didn’t have the energy to be messing about with my hair after and if you live alone get something in that is easy to cook microwave meal .. you probably won’t feel like preparing food x

I got the advice off here to take a pillow for the journey home to put in-between your stomach and the seat belt was great advice for me xx

Dont forget chargers 😂

A candy maybe

Your bottle of water if you can.

Here in Germany you get water bottles to refill- i find my own better and mayble CLEANER?! 😊

Linley in reply to Anna1511

Hi Anna

Just a quick question. Is the health service in Germany running again normally?

Anna1511 in reply to Linley


Yes totally normal i dont think surgeries stoped or drs or so.

I postponed my surgery a couple times but it wasnt because of covid.

Drs visits are also running normal.

Linley in reply to Anna1511

That's good, thank you for replying and keep safe

You have been given very good tips so all I will say is, it will be over before you know it., Good Luck🍀

primrose81 in reply to Linley

Exactly bonne chance vile Gluck or it it Glück sooty used to be good at French and German but gulp almost over 50 years ago now..... "I don't be-lie-ve it à la Richard Wilson ?? "One Foot in the Grave" voice

Gosh tat is not old, you are only a wee young thing in my eyes but then I am 67 no 68 now lol currently alternating between being a difficult spoiled child of 6, stroppy teenager of 15, an OAP of 90 as I have mobility peons eh?? Why did it do that but glad it did

Makes me think of beautiful pink peonies, I am so lucky to be able to glance across at some now in our living room I adore them and so did by best

Friend cum sister, always thought of her as both, she was exactly 10 years younger than me and sadly passed away a couple of months ago so still a it raw....bawled my eyes out in the car park at Blakeney in North Norfolk yesterday first timesince


Anyway to the pony sorry point now: bring bigger size big girl knickers with you and loose clothing, I only say that as had ovaries and other bits removed nearly a year ago now and a good FB friend warned me what to expect after the op swollen tummy etc

Good luck with your op just know you'll be fine, just imagine a field of pink peonies gently swaying in the wind up near our beautiful N.Norfolk coast, tat's where my friend's came from xx

Meant problems btw

And then I thought of the beautiful pink peonies I had placed on her grave last Friday and it made me feel better tat and a cuppa herbal tea and a good listen to Taisé choir, they are wonderful and always help to ground me/calm me down, I am bipolar btw

Sorry:Taizé I think

Can I ask where you are having your surgery and if it’s on the nhs or private? Just asking because my doctor is still telling me that no surgery is taking place and he can’t even give me a date for when my surgery might be.

Was originally in my local nhs hospital got cancelled in May but now rearranged to a private hospital, I’m still an nhs patient so no cost to me. They’re taking on NHS cases to clear the backlog.

That’s so good. I’m very happy that you are getting your surgery. Hopefully they will give everyone a bit more information soon x

I was surprised when I got the call. I honestly thought I’d be waiting either til end of year or next year even. Very lucky 🍀

Yes, I was informed of this arrangement, the Government had asked the private sector to help with the waiting lists. Off course we will be free as we are NHS patients but the private sector will get a fee from the Government so I understand

Whoisthis in reply to Linley

So I got in on the 9th private, and paid for but they were saying they are starting to work through to NHS lists ASAP as most of the surgeons do both, fingers crossed

TereseBear in reply to Whoisthis

Yeah the consultant I had at first nhs appointment also works at the private hospital.

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