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How long does it take to recover/how long do you need to take off of work following a laparoscopy?

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Hi Everyone, I have been told that I will need a laparoscopy to remove Endo (already know I have it as i've had an open operation before to remove some implants). However I know it depends on what they do but in general can anyone let me know how long it might take to recover/how long i'll need off of work? I only had my last operation 3 months ago and am worried about having to take more time off of work.

Thanks for your help


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they say 1-2 weeks but in reality, well for most, its much longer than that and of course as you say it depends what work they do whilst in there. it took me about 5-6 wks before i felt physically well again, i was in so much more pain than before my lap, i had no endo removed they said too much, i was also sterilised and had an ablation so i bled heavily for 6 or 7 wks after too. i also ended up with a UTI too which didnt help recovery and that lasted for 6 wks. Emotionally though i really struggled, but then i suppose i was diagnosed at my lap whereas you already know you have it, i literally woke up after surgery to be told full hysterectomy so it took some time to get my head round all that.

just make sure you allow yourself time to recover xx

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I will be having Laparoscopic surgery in Dec. I've never had surgery before. Kinda nervous. They told me I would be off wk 2-3 weeks. We're u in a lot of pain? I wanna know what to expect. Everyone is different. Wanted to know if I will be in a lot of pain. What can and can I not do. I know u cant drive. Can give me some info please.


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Hello bdavis94

I had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy combined a month ago. My consultant suspected I had silent endo and he was spot on as he found moderate endo covering my ovaries and a lot of scar tissue and adhesions in my pelvis. He removed it all and told me to be off work for 2 weeks, but I recovered very quickly and was back to work a week later. The first two days I had some pain (more in my shoulders because of gas). I took painkillers for a week and was good to go after that. I was drivinh a week later.

I had a lap and hyst last Wednesday, actually thought I would be back at work by Monday, er nope! It's Tuesday and although my incisions are healing well and I'm only spotting now, my tummy is huge and still have some of the gases swishing around my kidney area. Mine was just to go in and remove a polyp which had already come away anyways, so ended up being purely investigative. The consultant gave me a sick note for 10 days. My hubby stayed at home for the first 3 days which I was grateful for so make sure you have some support with general make me a cuppa and pass me some tablets duties! Hope all goes well x

I had lap twice and both time I was told one week off work. The consultant decided the length of the time I need off from work depending what kind work I do. I work full-time and some time I sit at desk but I carry stuff and move around quite a lot during the day.

After first lap I went back after one week but I was really tired and often dizzy, but not too much in pain. It took about a few week to a month to get back to normal.

Second lap I had pretty nasty infection so I had to stay off work for two weeks. It took about 6 week to get back to normal.

Both laps were only investigation and nothing was removed. Hope all goes well xxx

Thank you everyone for all of your replies, they are really helpful. Hope that everyone is well and not in too much pain.

Thanks again


I had mine on a Wed, stayed in overnight and was back at work tue, I'm a retail manager and on my feet a lot but did take it easy, I was pottering about the night I left hospital even managed to cook!

Next lap having a bladder and bowel resection and tube and ovary removal so taking 10 days off for this one as having a catheter after for up to a month

That was my choice to go back early though, work said take longer but I felt physically fine

Good luck!


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jalo69 in reply to Lilly83

Lauren I'm a little concerned that you're considering taking only ten days off. Realistically you should be looking at weeks. When I had bowel shaving ovary and tube removal it was 6 weeks before I felt confident enough to be back on my feet again. Please don't rush back your health and well being is far more important. You could set yourself back for alot longer. Just give yourself time love its a big op you're having. Take care j x

Thanks Jalo,

I have booked 2 weeks off but was planning on returning after 10 days if possible, I will certainly bare in mind your advice, I know I won't know how I will feel but I bounced back really quick after my lap and cyst removal, could of been back in the next day, I know this is a much bigger op but I figured 10 days should be enough. I haven't had a single sick day in 5 years of battling this horrible condition, just using holidays for surgerys and have Ivf lined up soon so need to be careful how much I take as need it for that too. I won't put my health and risk tho I know you're right

Thanks xx

Hi Lauren I'm with you with having a great attendance record until this downward spiral. 2.5 years I've had the first laparotomy last nov laparoscopy stage 4 total mess and now 4 weeks post hysterectomy!:( I have only had time off through ops but do listen to you're body. This is advice for Worzel too ,sorry to take up your post but of course the information is relevant for you. Take as long as you feel you need . We are all different but this is your time to rest and recharge god knows we struggle through work and family days with Endo pain give yourselves this deserved time to recover. Big hugs girls. Remember your no 1 time for you time. People have weeks off for flu. Girls, you are having big surgery REST!! :)) xx

I've always needed at least 4 weeks. Dr's are not sympathetic I have found though so be prepared to fight for the time that you need

Iwas off work for 1 week. I actually wish that I had agreed to stay home resting for two, however as u have a desk job it didn't cause too much of a problem. Just the tiredness and discomfort of having to sit bolt upright all day! I wod recommend taking 2 weeks off And

Reevaluate the situation then. Obviously a lot will depend on how demanding your job can be.

I went back to work after two days, I wish I had taken more time off, it was a bad move going back so early.

I would recommend two weeks off, like Shellg934 says, the effort of sitting upright is not something to be underestimated.

Good luck with your op.x

I'm now at the start of week 3 post op. Mine was to remove a heamoragic cyst that burst the morning of the op so ended up being investigative only.

Last week I was given antibiotics as I may have an infection. I'm less tired but still in a lot of discomfort.

I too do a desk job but there is no way i could be back at work yet. I cannot stand for long periods or sit upright for long periods either. Walking fast is painful and i cannot bend or lift anything heavy without pain.

My GP is very sympathetic and only agreed to sign me off because it led into 2 weeks annual leave. That gives me a total of 5 weeks post op before I go back to work.

DO NOT underestimate how long it takes to recover and go with your gut feeling - literally!

I'm still avoiding driving because of the pain with the seatbelt acrossy stomach..... this might be surgery with small wounds but there is nothing minor about it!

I had my surgery done 5 weeks ago but it still painful... Im back to work after 2 weeks but now i think i better stay home ... i hope it go away so painful and stressful 😂😂😭😭

I had shoulder pain afterwards (from the gas they use) but a hot water bottle soothed that. I went back to work on the 6th day following the surgery but I have a desk job. I would imagine anyone in a slightly physical role would need 2 weeks off. Make sure prior to surgery you have a supply of loose briefs (baggy pants!!) and loose trousers. I bought some black pyjama type bottoms that were ideal. You may also need some pads though I only used a couple.

I had my first lap last week and I'm planning on going back to work a week on Monday. So I will have had 2 & a half weeks off.

Yesterday was a good day and today not so good. Everyone is different though and it depends what they do in surgery too. Honest answer, only you will know and time will tell.

depends what your job is. i'm a mobile beautician. i went back to work after 2 weeks. but couldn't lift my couch for 4 weeks.

I have a desk job, physically I was ok to work by day 12. I'm end of stage 3 of Endo...and 5 hour surgery for Endometriosis I'm on week 5 now, once in awhile I can feel some muscle pulling sharp pain when I lift to much but overall I'm good. I feel so much better than before surgery. I suggest moving around a little bit, go slow, be patient with your body. This helps, moving around gets the gas out of your belly. They blow it up during surgery to get better access to you. I'm not gonna lie, you need someone there the first 5 days. It gets better, just listen to your body. I will warn you, Getting out of bed, your organs feel like they may fall out. When you stand after this surgery, very common feeling, no worries, they stay in I promise. Lol I lost my felliopan tube, tumor, and many bad spots removed. It was headed towards my bowels, so fertilty doctor saved me in time. Endometriosis sucks, but there's no cure, but surgery does help. I'm lucky to keep my other felliopan tube, I can still be a mom one day I hope. Listen to your nurse and doctor. If doctor says 2 weeks, take the 2 weeks, every surgery, Endometriosis stages for each woman is different. May you get some pain relief from surgery once recovered. Hang in there. Stay strong ladies. Carrie 36/buffalo

I had a lap on the 12 th of Aug and I felt fine after couple of days however when i started taking visanne that’s when everything become like a nightmare for me, after 6 days of taking it I started to have continuous loss of balance , vertigo, headaches and depression so I had to stop the treatment, it’s been 13 days now and I’m still tired and fatigued starting work tomorrow, wish me all the best

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