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How long was you waiting for your laparoscopy after seeing the consultant?


Hi, I'm new to this (not the pain unfortunately). I'm 25 and been suffering on and off for the last 10 years, i have got to the point where i am nearly always in pain after having my 3rd child (he is 16 months old now). I have been fobbed off with so many different things now, from "JUST painful periods" to water infections to appendicitis which was not the case as i had it removed and they admitted there was nothing wrong with it! i was must wondering how long I should expect to be waiting for the laparoscopy date? I saw the consultant 3 weeks ago and not heard anything yet? Tia xxx

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The NHS aims to get you in within 18 weeks of being put on the waiting list. For me, it was 8 weeks approximately. Good luck!

Was that 8 weeks before you heard anything or 8 weeks until the op please?

the 18 weeks is for your very first treatment to commence after being passed on to a consultant. As per NHS guidelines. Commencing treatment could be simply

just a scan or you could be fobbed off with BC pills.

Anything to be ticked off as having commenced some sort of treatment within 18 weeks.

it could be a lot longer for a lap op unfortunately.

Does depend on hosp waiting lists locally.

sometimes months and months in really bad areas.

If there is any hint or indication that there could be a remote chance of cancer, then whoop you'll need to be seen by gynae consultant within 2 weeks and surgery with 3weeks after that as per the NHS guidelines on cancer care even if it then turns out to be endo.

I've had two scans (both being clear), seen several gp's and the consultant who has refereed me for the surgery, said the surgery would be between 2-3 months. Hoping for my appointment to come through soon, just need something doing soon, I want to be a proper mummy to my children :-(

you could call the hosp and mention that very fact, that you would like to try and get an appointment asap, as you are struggling with caring for your children while waiting for surgery, and if there is anything they can do to expedite surgery you would really appreciate it because at present it is putting a huge strain on your family situation.

Worth a phone call I'd say. You might get a sympathetic soul with kids who will do their best to speed things up for you.

Yes, definitely phone the Hospital and keep doing so if necessary, also tell them, (if you are able) that you can be available at short notice, so could they put you on the cancellation list. It would have to be at least a days notice anyway because of the starving etc. Keep phoning them until they are fed up hearing your name!! lol. It took 7 weeks for a letter about my first consultation to get to my doctor, his hands were tied with regards to helping me until then. They blamed staff shortage through long term illness, but that's not our problem. Phone, phone, phone. Good luck. xx

Make friends with your consultants secretary and see if she can hurry up your consultant scheduling your op. Mine was 6 weeks (chased up the lovely secretary after 2 weeks and she called me back the following day with a date).She was also invaluable afterwards when she got me appointments within hours of me calling her - totally wonderful woman!

Good luck hon x

My friend works on the gynae ward so she's going to see of she can find anything out on Monday morning, of not I'll call and see what they say.

I had an awful night last night. I think if i had fallen down the stairs head first i would have been in less pain. My husband didn't know what to do/say bless him. I took tramadol and now feel ill from that as well as the pain, can't win :-( thank you for reading ladies and sorry for moaning! Xxx

My first hospital operated within a month, but my second hospital I have always waited over 6 months. In fact I was in so much pain before my last lap that my GP sent an urgent fax directly to my surgeon, and what do you know they got me in the next week! I think it totally depends on the hospital and how popular the consultant is.

I really hope you don't have to wait too long and you've got a good one when you do get there xx

Hi I had my gyni appointment mid December and still waiting for news of an op date for a lap. I was told there's a 4 month wait. I asked about cancellations but she said it doesn't happen very often as generally people just don't turn up so they don't have time to fill the space. She was lovely and has put on my notes that I can go in at short notice but still waiting. I have now been told that it is likely to be April or may and they will call to confirm a date not send a letter. I'm sorry I can't give you happier news but it is just lots of waiting at the moment. I think it does vary depending on where you live I went on the hospital website to see if they had kept to the 18 week referral and it said 95% so if you can find this at least you'll know the longest wait. I also told the lady my pain was a lot worse and was told unless it was life threatening or serious enough for my doctor to fax through why it was necerserry to be sooner as in unbearable there was nothing more she could do. Very frustrating but the more I stress about it the worse I feel.

I hope you get through sooner some hospitals are much better x

Well I spoke to my consultants secretary this morning, she's obviously not got endo!! She couldn't get me off the phone quick enough, couldn't tell me anything and "made a note" to put me on the cancellation list! Feeling very disappointed, but shouldn't really expect anything different from this particular hospital!! She didn't give me chance do say anything I wanted to say either. I gave he'd my name and she started babbling on about not knowing when I'll get a date without having time to even access my records? How does that work??

Well I had my first appointment with the gyno on the 22nd Jan where she said I had to have scans and a lap, so she refered me for them. I then had my scans on the 14th Feb so now just waiting for my letter to come through about the lap, I called the other day she if there was any sign of a date yet but she said I had literally came through on the waiting list and it could be up to 18 weeks and she also made a note for me to go on the cancellation list, but like flash she could not get me of the phone quick enough. Do not think I can really wait to Mid May-Early June for the lap, may call again next week or week after see if there is any progress so fingers crossed, just want it done so I can start getting some answers and actually find out whats wrong and how I can get better. x

I seen consultant on 19th Feb, I said I'd take a short notice appointment had phone call on Tuesday am booked in for 14th March

i was told a six to eight weeks waiting list by the consultant (i was in hospital boxing day), i had lap done on 12th feb , my problems started very quickly first admitted to hospital 8th december. My GP (female) was briliiant and wrote to consultant for lap asap which did seem to bring lap forward. i also hounded consultants secretary a few times.

i was told i had endo, cyst removed and my merena coil taken out.

I would ask GP to see if they can push thru quicker for you.

Good luck ladies, hopefully you will get right treatment soon x

I was seen by my gynae on 7th June and have received a call today (26th Sept) to attend pre op next week So that's 17 weeks for up to pre op

I saw a gynaecologist that specialises in endometriosis and was told that it could be 6-8 months before I would get my laparoscopy date, I rang the hospital around the 6/7 month mark and they said I would be getting my date soon, 5 days after I rang I got my date which ended up being a month away. I'm now due to have mine on the 17th Jan. Good luck on getting your date xx

I waited ten months. It really does tend to be a bit of a lottery depending on who sees you and what NHS trust you're in how long you are going to be waiting.

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