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Pain relief/ morphine?

Has anyone ever been prescribed anything stronger than tramadol like oramorph or morphine? I take codeine and tramadol every day without relief but my doctors surgery will not under any circumstances prescribe me morphine. So if you do get it how did you manage it? My doctor has put me on daily pick ups for my medication from the pharmacy and with endo pain, being a single mum and shifts (7am to 8:30pm) in hospital for work I cannot get to the pharmamcy every day which means I do not get my painkillers. Its stressing me out so much all this pain and my doctors not listening and treating me like a drug addict. Im so scared im going to have to drop out of my last year of uni doing nursing due to this. I dont know what to do anymore.

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Hi there! I was prescribed sevredol which are morphine pills on the weekend as I went to a&e as the pain was getting unbearable. I was just given a prescription for 60 pills and they just let me walk out with them! With a repeat too so I am not going to the pharmacy daily, however every time I do go to emergency I feel as though I am being treated as if I am drug seeking which I’m not. I’m not looking for drugs I’m looking for answers and a better management plan. Being on strong pain killers isn’t very nice!

I know how you feel, I am also a nursing student. I am about to start my last 6 months however my 3 year degree has turned into a 4 year degree as I’ve had to take a lot of time off due to pain. Have you talked to your uni about your problems? They might be able to help you with extensions or even let you take time off without dropping out which is what I did. It’s hard, I know, but for me taking time off was what I needed. The added stress of school work on top of life and having a chronic illness can just get a bit much, I imagine especially for you as you have kids. I hope everything works out for you xx

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I kept being taken into a&e by my mam, so they gave me oramorph to keep me out of a&e tastes bitter asf, but when I’m in severe pain it’s the only thing that helps and keeps me out of hospital x


Iv was put on repeat of oxycodone and 30/500 cocodomol and 12 hr release morphine tablets which are for bad flare ups the cocodomol I take daily and oxycodone I take a few times in a day if cocodomol isn't working, it was my gp who suggested the oxycodone I have stage 4 endo and was told some1 on stage 4 shld not be left with just cocodomol to try control their pain says it wasn't possible to get rid of the pain on just them, thankfully I have been lucky with my gp x


Like Sarah above, I have the same cocodamol and 12 hour slow release and if the pain is still unbearable I have liquid oramorph. It’s the only way I can get through it.


Wow lots of strong painlillers..are they not doing more for you than keep giving you meds?


Hi, I had my surgery on 12th dec and they removed endo from all over my womb, ovaries, tubes, also cysts on ovaries and tubes. Within 4 weeks the endo has returned on the right hand side. My doctors to start with kept me on tramadol, then another trip to the doctors and I was given oramorph, which I was only meant to have the one bottle and take sparingly. I then had to go to the doctors again because the pain was still so bad, that he sent me to a&e, who once saw me wheeled me around to emergency gynie. They did the usual scans, blood tests, and it came back with the fact the endo was back a lot sooner than it should be, and the gave me codiene on top of everything. From that point, the orimorph is on my repeat prescription. I’m not going to lie, the oramorph with the other tablets can help with the pain, but it can also make you want to lie down and kip the afternoon away... I hate having to take all these meds every day, it makes me feel like a drug addict, but then, when I have taken them and the pain has eased a bit, it can be worth that little bit of sanity! For me, even before this lap (my 3rd one) I was in and out of a&e. Phoning 111, practically living at my doctors, just for them to listen to me. You really have to be strong with your doctors, or even ask to see someone else. I hope I’ve made a bit of sense, and I hope they help you in some way, even if it just eases the pain a little, we all know that can make a lot of difference xx


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