What pain relief do you take

I have stage 4 endo iv tried various pain relief am currently on dyidrocodine which if am honest have never worked but made me sleep so slept through the pain. Currently on prostap which isn working an pain is unbearable dont want 2 go 2 hospital as they dont do anything different then I can at home going to me doctors an am askin 4 me pain relief to change. So wats worked for others. Gp said cant get stronger then dyidrocodine unles I got morphine based which I originally refuse x

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  • Hi I can understand your pain. Am taking antadys 25gm for the moment and it is the only thing that is still working. You can take it one each 4 hours

  • Hi I take Tramadol which I think is morphine based. Along with regular paracetamol, it seems to help xx

  • i take morphine for the days that it is really bad,feel for you the pain can be horrendus i have to take morphine as have crohns as well sometimes that do not work either. at one stage used diclofenic suposserties many years ago they worked well with other medications hope your pain eases x

  • Hi i am taking 140mg daily of morphine daily plus extra morphine liquid when need to so up to 180mg daily. I am also on 4000mg of paracetamol and HRT due to Pro-stap ( this is not working at all pain increased) plus on warfine as had PE'S in past ( Lung Blood Clots), if you read my story it will tell you more about me hope this helps x

  • Thank u 4 replys. Iv had tramadol they were no good also had diclofenic im am dragging meself 2 work (in care home) I walk rnd wit a hot water bottle most days an on bad days im on the floor rocking iv had warning in work so drag me self there wit out sleep wen av been up all night it cant continue x

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