Cannabis for pain relief

Hi guys

Just spent the last few days in hospital with endo pain. I have a slipped disk as well so i need a strong pain killer which is oral morphine, The hospital have refused now to give me any more morphine and have discharged me.

I was wondering if anyone uses cannabis or cannabis oil to help with the pain, Im getting a bit desperate for any pain relief.

Thanks xx

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I personally don't use cannabis but I know a girl who smokes it to help with her pain and she said it really helps. I have tried the cbd oil from the vape shop but it didn't do alot for me tbh.

Hope this helps xxx

Thanks for replying at least I know now its does work

Hi,I recently try the oil for vaping (so non of the nasty stuff in it got it from a reputable company in the uk)and it didn't do anything for me I didn't go for the strongest strength but at £35 for a bottle I didn't think it was worth trying the higher one


thanks for replying i was going to get the oil but it costs £140 so thats saved me a bit of money

Hey there, I don't smoke tobacco, but I don't know how I would live without cannabis. I've used it for years to deal with menstrual cramps, anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea from pain or medicine, etc. Now that my situation has gotten worse, I smoke every day. It eases the cramps, it helps your mind calm so you can relax a bit, which can be difficult to do when your body is hurting so much, and it helps me get to sleep.

Mind you, I only smoke once I'm home for the evening and everything I need to do is done because it isn't exactly great for productivity, but I would be miserable without it. It boggles my mind that it's still illegal in so many countries. It isn't addictive, it's never killed anyone, unlike so many legal drugs including alcohol and tobacco, and it legitimately helps with a whole host of health issues. It's a beautiful natural plant that doesn't deserve the bad rep it has.

I don't know about man made oils, I just use the actual bud. It's saved me many a day.

Thanks for the reply it carnt be any worse that whats in morphine, its good to know it does help and Im not sure why Ive not thought about it sooner .

I tried cannabis oil for lupus to help with the pain - didn't work..... in not the sort of person to try stuff like that, but is worth a shot, mine didn't have the chemicals in to make you feel high which was good just tastes awful.

Yeah, it's a shame the UK doesn't allow medicinal marijuana. The things US dispensaries can do is amazing. They can zero in on the properties that ease nausea, muscle tension, cramping, etc, but remove the mental fuzzy effects. It just doesn't make sense why we insist on using Poppy based opioid pain killers, which are all horribly addictive and have a host of unpleasant side effects, when there is another perfectly natural plant that can help in so many ways and can't ever kill you or lead you into a path of addiction that often kills.

You can't OD on marijuana. It isn't habit forming, and the worst side effect is you get the munchies and want to take a nap.

I just don't understand why the world is so mislead about such a useful plant.

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