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Pain relief medication?

Hey, what do you use for pain relief when things get bad?

My work has said I should be managing my pain so I can come into work on the days where it's awful - yes they want me in. Ibuprofen on those days just doesn't always hit the spot and I don't like talking lots of painkillers, they give me digestive upset but I need to be in work so....any ideas? I'm happy to go to the gp if I need to...

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When my pain was more manageable I got by on ibuprofen and paracetamol. The problem with ibuprofen it kinda needs to be taken preemptively to have the best effect so before the pain starts but this isn't always possible. I found the two of them together worked okay for mild to moderate endo pain. Since then my pain is moderate to severe all day every day. So I'm on zapain prescribed by my gp. It's 30mg Codeine and 500mg paracetamol and I take it 4 times a day alongside ibuprofen.

We all want to get to the point where our pain is managed and yes we all need to work but your employer needs to understand getting to that point might take a while. I'm so sorry they're not being more understanding and supportive.

I'm also looking into diet changes and physiotherapy to manage my pain so maybe look into that too? Google endo diet? I've heard a lot of women find relief with it.

Maybe go to your gp and ask to be referred to a pain clinic where they can prescribe different pain meds but also look into other ways of managing the pain? Also if work are still not getting it request to be referred to occupational health. I've done it even though currently I'm managing to go to work. They can provide advice to your employer on what you can and can't do and how your illness will affect your work. This often gives employers the kick up the arse they need to take your pain seriously. Best of luck and big hugs x


Thanks so much for your quick reply!

I can't do much with paracetamol; I've been in pain for 15ish years before diagnosis, so been on that for aaages, as a result I have an enlarged liver, so no paracetamol :(

I shall defiantely look into the physio side of things. I'm already on a pretty much endo diet as I can't tolerate milk or wheat and don't like red meats! I shall look up the pain clinic idea when I have my next gp appointment, or i'll book one to talk about it.

I've talked to occupational health and they have mentioned in their report that "she will manage her pain with ibuprofen as best as she can but there will but occurrences where she may not have much relief and so this will need to be considered".

Luckily since my op my pain is now only around my period, specifically two days before and on the first two days. But that can sometimes be one day off work.


Oh so no paracetamol! And I agree with you that you don't want to be taking loads of drugs.

Have you found much relief from diet changes out of interest as I'm in the process of changing my diet. Have cut out alcohol caffeine and refined sugar and wheat. Struggling to completely cut out dairy but have cut it down considerably but its early days.

I'm glad you got some relief from surgery though :) x


I've had a bit of relief, I think it varies from person to person. I haven't seen much of an effect directly related to endo, but it has helped me feel less puffy / bloated, less irritable, more able to cope with the pain, more positive. Those are all things that cutting out wheat helps with anyway; the wheat we have now in most foods is highly processed and nothing like what it used to be so it's not that good anymore.

Personally my change was being healthier, eating less processed fast food, so looking at what your body needs, complex carbohydrates rather than simple ones, when looking at sugars, poly-ols are a lower almost calorie free sugar so that's still good - natural sweeteners. Natural fats, such as fish oils and coconut oils rather than vegetable oils. If you reduce carbs increase protein so your body still has energy and you still feel full - one thing a lot of sites miss out explaining! More chicken / turkey. I found poaching chicken (straight from raw) in sauce rather than frying / baking tastes so much better and keeps it juicy.

Dairy I found it was stuff like milk, and cheese that caused problems with digestive upset, so I go for soya, almond, and coconut (the latter is amazing if you like coconuts). Don't go for lacto-free as that's not the same as milk free - and expensive! Try some of the supermarket own brands rather than branded, they can be nicer and cheaper.

Sorry rambling!

I shall look at alternative pain relief too :)


I tend to be able to get by on paracetamol and ibuprofen but as someone said you have to take the ibuprofen preemptively but t I also found that naproxen worked on the really bad days but u can’t take that with ibuprofen as it’s part of the same family of medication but definitely speak to your gp or pharmacist

Good luck x


thanks :)


Hello strongly recommend zapain but be mindful they are addictive. I take naproxen with it when I’m in agony! I also recommend tramadol for at night if your ever in so much pain you can’t sleep but yet again very addictive more so than zapain! I hope you find your answer to help keep on at the gps iv also been told pain management clinics are very helpful although never been to 1 myself xxxxx


thanks. I shall look up those and side effects as well as going to my gp :)


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