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Doctor says 'it's all in my head'

I had my second surgery on 5th August where they found endometriosis and scaring which they removed as best they could. Unfortunately I ended up catching an infection and my endometriosis pain came back. I'm having severe chronic pelvic pain that has been floored, screaming in agony and bed bound.

So I went to my doctors and was given a new doctor who specialises in female health. She basically told me that I was depressed, gave me strong anti depreasents even when I refused as I aren't depressed and said that I need to think of relaxing techniques as it's 'all in my head'. She has even dramatically reduced my pain relief too. I usually take tramadol 2 or 4 times a day and sometimes morphine when the pains severe but she has stopped the morphine and has only given me enough tramadol for 1 a day.

I know opiates are bad for you and I feel horrible taking them but sadly they're the only thing that helps the pain. Plus, I only ever take them when I need them and have never abused them in any way.

I'm worried as I feel that maybe it is all in my head but the pain I feel is so very real. Has anyone else experienced this with a doctor before?

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Go back to a different Gp. It is not in your head, you know what you feel and this is real.

Some Gps are really not helpfull, i had one Gp telling me i needed to do stretches before i had to do housework, because i was complaining about tummy and backpain.

I started to do yoga exercises and they seem to help for me and i followed a course called CBT about thoughts and behaviour strategies which me really helped. Of course everybody is different and have different things working for everyone.

Go and find someone that will listen to you and dont let them give you anything you dont want.

Good luck!!



Thank you for replying Naomi :)

I've been so upset and distressed since my doctors appointment but I do think I need to get another doctor who's more understanding especially as I'm in so much pain.

I really do think CBT is amazing though. I had it years ago when I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and it really helped, maybe I should apply it to the pain or ask to be referred again.

I'm also really interested in yoga. Did you go to classes or do it at home? When you're in pain exercise is the last thing on your mind but I've heard it's really good for pain :) x


Yes my gynaecologist told me that the pain was maybe in my head. Because the endo I have cannot cause pain like the pain I'm in.

and told me to go somewhere else to be treated.

Drs should not be allowed to talk to us like that. Yes people can feel like everything hurts when they are depressed but you would have other things that would suggest depression.

change Dr. And be sure to tell the new Dr why.

I honestly think that the fight with the Drs is harder than the pain most days.


I always thought doctors were understanding and helpful....until I got endometriosis. She said the exact same thing to me, how it couldn't cause this much pain but it's very much endo pain and it hurts!

I also forgot to add that she accused my partner of abusing which is absolutely absurd but she said that it's common when a patient takes so much pain relief(!!!) I couldn't believe it and it understandably upset my partner.

But I am sorry you experienced it too :( but I do think I need to find another doctor, Especially now my trust has gone.



Yes you really do have to find another Dr. It's all takes time but hopfully it gets a better result.

I gave birth naturally to two large babies with no pain relief and coped very well. With the level of pain I feel now I struggle to cope most of the time. So to me that tell me this pain is pretty bad to effect me more than delivering 9lb babies. It's just easy for a Dr to tell you that it's in your head or you can't cope with pain.

I have heard a lot of people say that they were asked of they had ever been sexually abused as it's an old myth that is a cause of endo. I thankfully didn't get asked this. Sounds like you have had an old school Dr that doesn't know much about endo.

It makes you so bitter and angry when you are treated like this. Try stay positive and one day hopefully we will be pain free.

Good luck


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