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2nd ruptured cyst and lap in 5 months and still no answers!!

I have posted here a few times but its been a while as i have been trying to get my life back on track following months of pain and having a ruptured cyst in august which i had a lap to clear up. I felt a million times better changed my job and mentally and physically felt back to my old self. In the meantime i had a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound which came back clear. Went to gynae but he didnt seem that interested (he left me for 10 mins on bed with a nurse while he went and fetched a costa!!!) He told me to get the coil fitted and in a few years i can have a hysterectomy. I decided to stay as i was on combined pill didnt feel comfortable having coil. Anyway in dec i started having horrendous abdo pain, nausea dizziness and fatigue which i ignored for a month! I went to gp he said it coildnt be another cyst or appendix and didnt really know what to say or do (really lost all faith in healthcare system) i finally ended up in a&e due to pain, loss of appetite and vomiting. After a lot of messing about i had another scan which again was clear for anything so surgeon decided to do another lap and remove my appendix! My appendix was removed and they found i had another ruptured cyst and blood in my pelvis again!! Was told that now they know my appendix has gone if pain happens again its definitely a cyst!! So now im confused why the cyst never showed up on u/s and why they couldnt tell it had ruptured at hosp! Also has anyone experienced anything like this i dnt really fancy going through surgery every 5 months!! Really dnt know what to do or who to talk to gps seem clueless and gynae isnt gonna be interested until i get coil just dnt know what to do!!

Thanks in advance for any info xx

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