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Had lap but still no answers?

Just got home from first laparoscopy, my original date got cancelled :( anyway...

My consultant/surgeon didn't come to see me after the op for some reason, or explain anything to the nursing team, so nobody really knows what's going on but it seems there's no evidence of endo from what they read in my notes. Nurses were just as frustrated as I am that I have all this pain and bleeding but no relief as yet.

They also did something else (not ever heard of it or had it explained?!) with an instrument "inside" that's left me bleeding heavily. But obviously don't know what's happened or why. Feeling really down and fed up :(

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Sorry to hear things werent explained to you very much, you should of got a letter with you when you got discharged to give to your GP which might have some answers in it, sometimes surgeons dont have enough time to come see every patient after surgery due to them having to go back into theatre with the next. You could ring your surgeons secretary and ask if he has written up his notes yet as you dont know what happening or what was found, even if she cant tell you over the phone it will get put in your notes that you have asked for an explanation which will make them write the notes that little bit quicker and when the notes are done your own GP also recieves a copy of this to go into your records.

Hope you get some answers soon

Senga x



I just find it outrageous that no one told you exactly what happened, what were the findings and what is the plan from now on. You should demand to see the gynae that operated you as soon as possible. You need to have a discussion with him so he can answer all your questions. A letter is not enough to answer everything.

Good luck x


Hi, sorry to hear about your really bad discharge. I think you should make a formal complaint as this sort of thing happens too often and if we never take action they never improve. You will be suprised how quickly you will get a response if you formally complain.

I hope you get some answers too. don't forget its your body and you are quite entitled to know whats going on. Try not to feel imtimidated x


Got a very brief phone call this morning saying "don't know what's going on, go back to your GP". Surely it isn't normal to be in so much pain and bleeding all the time? The hospital have seen it themselves? I feel like a fraud, am really sorry :(


hi did you manage to go back to your Gp to get some answers?


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