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Chocolate cyst rupture?


I'm sorry I haven't got responding to any previous messages. I'm just hoping someone could help me. I've been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and I have a chocolate cyst of 5cm on each ovary. I haven't had any swelling or typically bad symptoms from the cysts in a lot of months but today I began vomiting, I had a fever and my Stomach swelled out like it used to despite my cysts not giving me as much trouble as of late. Keep in mind that I am currently on my period but I know it wasn't my period alone causing this. Does this mean that my cyst may have ruptured? Should I do anything about this or just leave it and see if it disappears in a day or two? I'm on a waiting list for surgery already and it may take up to a year.

I just don't know why these symptoms are suddenly re emerging. Any advice welcome, thank you.

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If your cysts had ruptured you would KNOW about it! Typically when it used to happen to me I would vomit from the pain, be unable to walk to sit up straight and generally experience the worst pain of my life!

It definitely sounds like yo have an infection, get yourself to your GP asap!


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I'm sorry you went through that. I literally just went through the same thing. What did you do to alleviate the pain? I went to the ER, but they didn't address the Endo much just the vomiting.

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You poor thing. I know it's super frustrating but there's not a huge amount they can do for the pain. I'm my experience the pain will get less and less for about a week until it fades completely. I used to take tramadol, or naproxen, neither of which completely took the pain away (even morphine in the hospital didn't) but made it more bearable. Rest up xxxx

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Thank you it's like endometriosis has taken over my life. I have to have a hysterectomy soon. I'm scared I'm going to feel like a man. I know you like who is this girl but I am just a mess

Please dddear its better u seee ur Gynaecologist immediately foor further investigation.

I would do and see a GP asap.

Surgery time will be too long to wait, maybe they can do this quicker! You need to have a check up and make sure that things will be sorted.

Good luck!!

Hi! I don't know if I can offer much advise but just want to share with you because I also had a chocolate cyst but unfortunately mine was found when it was 15cm! I had to get my ovary removed so any advise to you would be get it checked out!! You don't want it to be too late, I didn't really have symptoms either until the very end (because it was that big) I'm currently battling trying to get the docs to monitor me because I'm scared my other ovary will grow a cyst. In thinking of going private healthcare because I am just not getting anywhere. It may be nothing but get it checked for peace of mind xxxx

It could have just been a flare from being on your period.

But I would get it checked out. When my cyst ruptured (I had 4, 15cm, 8cm, 7cm and a tiny one). I knew about it! I was in agony, and the pain became so bad that I passed out but at the time I was already in A&E so I was taken into surgery right away.

But try see if your doctor can arrange an emergency scan.

As for the waiting times for a lap, I developed more chocolate cysts and I was put on the waiting list around the beginning of November and in a few days I had my date for the op. Which is in January.

Pushing your doctor with your concerns might get you bumped up the list. X

I was told chocolate cyst was the old name for endometriosis and now it's called that

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A chocolate cyst is also called an endometrioma. It's usually an indication that endometriosis is fairly advanced.


As with other ladies replying here, the pain is absolutely excruciating. Worse than labour and for me lead to my one and only trip in an ambulance. Perhaps see your GP?

Hi...I have had similar symptoms for the past 30 years, stage 4 endometriosis and the treatments that western medicine prescribes, such as hormones, 2 surgeries and Lupron. (Leuprolide injections) I sm currently 47 and have spent most of my life in pain, managed by 7 medications my pain management doc has put me on. Every surgery you have increases the scar tissue and adhesions, which thickens the membrane on the outside of your ovaries and causes 'chocolate cysts' to form, made of old blood that turns brown. Eventually these cysts rupture out of the blue, and at this point I can feel them coming on, so I have a 5-minute window to fill my hot water bottle, take my medication, and lay down. Once I had to slide under the clothing rack in wal-mart and cover my mouth with my socks so I wouldn't scream while I waited the 30-60 minutes it takes for the meds to kick in and the stabbing pain to subside. I am permanently disabled from this awful disease and spend most of my days in bed. After earning two college degrees and becoming a child therapist/psychologist, I feel my life career has been wasted, my immune system is horrible, I get bronchitis if someone coughs near me. Or worse, the flu. Acne is embarrassing at any age but I am almost 50 and still get it! I have adjusted my diet, all that did was get me 10 lbs underweight and nauseous. I used to run 5 miles perday, but had to stop because my stomach cramps got worse after each workout. There is no cure but bc pills seem to hold it off for a while. I have been on 14 different bc and they all have awful side effects, like cramping and bleeding daily instead of just during my pd, or horrible migraines where you want to just stay in the dark. I had one ovary removed but a giant chocolate cluster of cysts grew in its place!! Now that side hurts more than the ovary that is still there. my doc won't do surgery again since my last one was botched.  I have about 30 chocolate cysts that rupture about 3-4 times per month.  Keeping the weight off your legs and stomach muscles will help you feel much better.  Get a hood pain management doc, I have been on the fentanyl patch for about 9 years is and have been able to stop going to the ER once it twice a month.  My pm gives me straight morphine pills to stop the pain like getting a morphine IV.

I am sure you know about this but just in case not, have a look at Nancy's nook on Facebook. Hope things are much better. X

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