Out the other side. 24hrs post lap and cystoscopy

Phew! Out the other side now. Much tougher than expected. The anaesthetic really burned as it went up my veims, I hadn't expected that. When I woke i was in agony and they had to give me lots of morphine, which then affected my breathing so was in recovery for quite a while. I ended up beimg put on a drip staying in overnight. Had bladder issues and narrowly escaped having a catheter put in.

Diagnosis of Endo now confirmed. My ovary was apparently glued to my peritoneum by a cyst and the surgeon unglued me and that cyst burst in the process. Unfortunately the other big nodule wasn't operable and no biopsy was taken as consultant said it was too risky.

The bad news is that I have been told I have to see a bowel surgeon and be examined next before my follow up with my specialist Endo consultant, who was brilliant. His tone suggested it has to come out :-( . Seems I don't have much a tiny bit iny bladder but what is there seems to be big, nasty, and badly placed.

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  • I have to have both of the done of Wednesday (14th) did you have to stay in over night? 8? Never had an op or stayed in hospital and done no what to except.

    I really hope everything turns out okay with you! And on the plus side you now have a reason for the pain! Did you have any endometriosis taken out?

    Emma xox

  • Hi Emma, I went in at 12.15 my op was not till about 3. They were expecting to release me the same day but I wasn't well enough and the ended up admitting me overnight as i had a rough recovery ride and spent quite a while in the post op recovery bay. They had given me so much morphine for the pain (due I think to ovary unglueing) and I was extremely dehydrated. You have to eat and wee before they release you. I had also had a cystoscopy which perhaps made things harder and I had trouble with that. The night nurse was simply wonderful though as I was a bit of a mess. Once things stabilised I recovered rapidly next day though and was discharged after lunch. Now 48 hrs pain is very manageable though the gas was nasty yesterday it seems to be shifting quite quickly.

    No actual surgical excision other than removal of the ovarian cyst which was endometriotic. The surgeon had unfortunately ruled my other nodule out of scope due to its large size and dodgy location when I met him beforehand, so did manage my expectations well.

  • Hi I am glad you have now got some answers. I hope your recovery goes well and you a feeling better for Christmas. Take care Sam xx

  • Hope you are recovering well. I had a large nodule removed from the bladder and had catheter for 3 weeks. It is not too bad but I was looking forward to having it out.

    Take it easy and rest lots. Your first period could be a bit painful due to the ovary work. Make sure you take painkillers well ahead. Did you have prostap injection to shrink the endometriosis lesions?

    Take care.

  • Hi StellaUK, Glad to hear your surgery went well and you've survived the catheter. I narrowly escaped it! I didn't have prostrap as the ovary cysts weren't big on the MRI so I was unlucky id I'd got glued up I think but it does explain the intermittent pain. Luckily I had my period Friday and the op Tuesday so have a bit of time to brace myself. Thanks for the heads up!

    The surgeon did put the mirena coil in though which I think is to stop the bowel nodule growing more as it's quite large. I have to see a bowel surgeon for an exam (gulp) before going back to the endo surgeon who i have to say was great. It may be they try something like that before proceeding as the surgeon did look pretty stern and serious when that nodule got discussed and wouldn't even touch it to do a biopsy (and hes good) so its definitely either not in a good place or attached to something it shouldn't be, or both.

  • Good luck with the bowel surgeon. When I had mine, he went through all possible scenarios. Luckily he did not do any physical examination. Sounds like you will have a bowel prep before your next operation. It is not much fun but didn't hurt either. Just stay near the bathroom the whole day !

    My consultant was pretty grim the whole time too. I think they just want to manage patient 's expectations. I was fully discharged last night and he managed to smile once.

    Hope it all goes well for you. X

  • He was actually very upbeat the rest of the time but got very stern and serious the moment bowels came into the discussion. Hubby said he noticed exactly the same when I checked later too. He said it sounded very much as you are having this next op whether you want to or not, which was a bit worrying.

  • Hopefully the bowel surgeon will give you much more details. They generally work together so the bowel surgeon probably will do that bit. Mine said he tried to be minimally invasive and rather leave some endometriosis behind than cause too much damage to the bowel. He warned about bowel resection and stoma bag. Luckily I didn't need it.

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