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First lap yesterday

So I finally had my lap yesterday. Admission time of 11am, didn't go down til 3.15pm. I was so hungry and ratty at this point. Woke at 5pm so had been down for almost two hours. Recovery was slow, kept me there for 1hr20. My temp and bp dropped, felt really sick and needed anti sickness. My mouth and throat were so dry.

I ask the nurse looking after me if I'd see the doc and she said no he's gone home. You have a follow up in 3 months! That's it!

So I said can I see my note or look at the photos (I could see them clipped on to my notes) and she said no! After me begging to at least have a rough idea of what's going on, she drew the curtains and let me peek! Like she was doing me a favour? Why is it like this? Our bodies and we have to beg to find out what's going on???? Really angers me.

Anyway apparently there were no signs of endo, he drained a cyst on my right (last we knew there was a cyst on my left - which has obviously gone and the right one appeared after) and I also had omental adhesions attached to abdominal wall which he 'removed' - not sure on technical term. I couldn't work out where the adhesions were attached to however, organ wise? Annoyingly I was so out of it (this was still in recovery) that I couldn't muster the energy to keep asking.

I'm slightly deflated that endo wasn't found, as I honestly thought that was the cause of my daily pain, however on googling the adhesions......the symptoms are very similar. Just doesn't explain the horrific heavy periods as far as I can see. But if the adhesions were attached to my bowel/bladder it would defo explain the problems I have with both of them.

I guess I have to wait 3 months now and see what he says at my appointment and also to see how I get on once stuff settles down.

Right now I'm tired and sore. Trapped wind in ribs and shoulders is no joke.

Also didn't get prescribed any painkillers. Discharge notes said take paracetamol! Which I find crazy considering I've also been signed off for two weeks and had quite a lot of stuff done over 2 hours of surgery?

I've bought cocodamol and been taking those every 4 hrs.

Has anyone else had similar diagnosis or adhesions founds and separated? Did this ease things?

Thanks ☺️

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Just a quick note to say hope recovery goes well and you are right to want to know the outcome of the surgery! It's your body! That would have driven me bonkers to be treated like that. I assume the hospital is super overwhelmed at the moment? Hope the cocodamol helps

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I'm going to give it a few days until

I feel more 'with it' and speak to my surgeons secretary for more info I reckon x


Drink some peppermint tea, it helps with the wind pains and roll your shoulders, can relate to the no endo being found, it sucks arse tbh being so certain and then being told no and having to rethink every symptom and wondering why you’re in pain, if you’re still in agony call your doctors and they might write a prescription for you without you actually going in seeing as you’ve just had surgery, hope your recovery is swift and easy xx


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