Help please - discharge notes following lap

Help please - discharge notes following lap

Can anyone help me make sense of my discharge notes following my lap on Monday? Photo should be below.

It states "minor adhesions seen" - does this mean they weren't removed? The consultant also mentioned to me in the recovery room that he'd found (can't quite remember if he stated he'd treated it) what was most likely a patch of endometriosis on my uterosacral ligament, but no mention of that here, or of a bleeding ovary he also mentioned.

With no review planned and no indication if my GP will receive anything more detailed, I'm a little confused and upset.

Thanks x

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  • They should definitely see you for a review, I would ring and insist on a date. It's not good enough to leave you confused. If you don't get anywhere with booking a post op review, contact your hospital PALS service x

  • What on earth is wrong with these hospitals. Well these gynaes exact same thing happened to me but I never even received my discharge letter. According to my gp gynae have discharged me and gp supposed to refer me elsewhere ( surgeons and fertility clinic) what Is going on? I mean it's hard enough for us to get to see gynae's as it is and then when we do they must just want us to have a lap then get rid of us it's not fair. Iv been trying to ring the secretary since last week left numerous messages still nothing. Out of order plain rude. Sorry your going through this too hun. Just another stress on all the other crap we have to go through. Hope you get answers soon. Sorry for rant! X

  • Thanks so much for replying ladies. This is really stressing me out now as I know he mentioned endo, plus a couple of other things, and yet no mention on the paperwork. I'm so annoyed at myself for not checking it and questioning before leaving :(

  • Don't be annoyed ring them ask for your whole report pics and the lot aswel as a follow up. If you don't get anywhere, do what LizzieLizzieLizzie said x

  • I can imagine this has left you feeling upset and frustrated on top of what is a very unpleasant few days recovery wise!! So looks like they did a tubal patency test (dye test) and the right tube there is maybe an issue with as the dye wasn't spilling out as the left one did and they have noted 'spasm' which could indicate there's maybe a blockage somewhere in the tube? Obviously I'm not a doctor but I had a hydrosalpinx (fluid) in my left tube and that went into spasm when I had the HSG test done on my tubes.... had the tube removed along with a second op to excise severe endo and adhesions they found when they went in to remove the tube. Rx to endometriosis... I guess this just means endometriosis diagnosed? Not sure what the NAD means though xxxx

  • Good advice. NAD means No Abnormality Detected. Looking at the notes I'd say that means your uterus and ovaries look normal.

  • Very similar happened to me I was diagnosed with dense adhesions literally everywhere and a frozen pelvis at my lap and then discharged with no follow up review from the gynaecologist I'd recommend going back to your gp and being very persistent with them! Xxxx

  • Thank you so much sprinkle! Yes, he explained the dye test after, saying that because everything looked ok, he think it was just a spasm that occurred, rather than anything more sinister causing a blockage.

    So sorry mayaudrey that similar has happened to you. I just can't believe that you've to fight hard to even get a referral/lap in the first place, and then when something is found it's barely mentioned, with no follow-up?!

    Thanks for every reply, they've all been helpful! X

  • homeopathic medicines can cure endometriasis,please consult a homeopath, thank you.

  • Hi there, not a doctor - but a veterinary nurse! So may be able to explain....

    'Rx' = re-examine

    Looks like there was nothing abnormal about your uterus (NAD) which is obviously good!!

    Minor adhesions seen which is scar tissue - from th endo

    To me I wouldn't assume that anything has been surgically treated so I would get back into contact. Sorry I haven't got many answers for you xxx

  • Thanks so much olive! I've been able to ascertain today that a more detailed report has been sent to my GP so fingers crossed for answers from it!

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