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First lap at BSGE centre yesterday

Had my first lap with a BSGE centre yesterday, my second lap this year. Really fantastic, positive experience. Endo was excised from my bladder and they also found a cyst on my left ovary which was drained. I'm now waiting for a date for my next surgery which will be a hysterectomy + removal of ovaries plus excision of the extensive endo on my bowel.

I had complications with my first lap and the pain afterwards was unbearable - this time I've only needed ibuprofen and feel really well. The cuts are far smaller, I have very little swelling, and can already feel the difference with the cyst having been drained. All the staff at the hospital were really kind to me and the level of care was just great. NHS at it's best. (If anyone is interested, this was done at the largest BSGE centre in London by one of the senior consultants).

I haven't felt positive about the future in a long time, but I feel there is a chance now of having a decent quality of life.

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That all sounds good!! I'm going back to my GP next week as symptoms are getting worse. I had a lap last November followed by a zoladex and an unsuccessful round of IVF.

I've been wondering about asking to be referred to the closest BSGE centre in the hope the treatment will be better this time round. Unfortunately I had a lot of problems with our local NHS hospital.

I hope you continue to make a good recovery xx


my first lap was done locally by a general gynae who then referred me on to the bsge centre. Would totally recommend it. It's a lot further away but it's been worth the effort as the surgeon is in a completely different league.

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Great news joreilly. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy on 4 November and am struggling with pain but medication helps. I had a lot of adhesions so the surgery was complicated. What is a zBSGE


The BSGE centres are specialised endo centres in a limited number of hospitals - if you google it, there is a list. Severe endo should only be dealt with at these centres and not by general gynae.


Bsge is specialists endo centre and you need to be treated there with complex endo but worth it for any.

Look at their website to find your nearest


Your GP can refer you if you ask them too. You'll need to probably tell your GP about these clinics and have all the details as many of them have no idea they even exist.


Great to hear a positive story.

Was this at Guys?


no at the one near King's Cross (sorry, trying to avoid naming it as we're not supposed to on here :/)


Thanks. You can name hospital not consultants 😊 As it's run by charity.


Glas your operation went well. I had my operation with the consultant from UCLH too. I have been very happy with the result. Hope your second operation goes well too. Take care.


That's great to here.

Thanks for the positive feedback as we all need hope and when your in the depths of the shit it's hard to see a way out..

I also had successful surgery and it was a life changer...

There are good surgeons out there that care sadly there's not to many off them but finding them is key to success. Xx


Hi jorielly

I know your post was some months ago but I wondered how long you waited for your initial appointment at BSGE centre, then receiving your treatment?


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