I wasn't told anything after my lap.. Is this normal??

Hi everyone...

I had a laparoscopy on Tuesday due to months of pain and discomfort. I was originally treated for PID in stepember but all tests came back negative so I don't think it actually was that. Iv been thinking that I have endometriosis for a long time now, having done lots of research and following and reading your posts I have many if not all of the symptoms.

I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and cysts were found on my ovaries, the biggest being 3cm. This was on my right ovary and was where I had a lot of my pain. The radiographer said at the time she thinks they will probably remove it during the lap.

So Tuesday came, I had my lap. I'm recovering okay BUT this is my issue - I have no idea what happened! My doctor didn't come down to see me afterwards in recovery and because i was in a day care unit at a different hospital to where i am actually under (sort of like the doctor rents the bed for patients that live far away) the nurses had no discharge notes what so ever for me. I was just told 'the doctor will look at photographs and let you know in 6weeks'. One of th nurses was kind and we tried to read the surgery notes , but it was in terrible handwriting. I did spy a line saying 'no endo/PID/lesions'. But this could just have been a certain part e.g left or right ovary. I dont know if the larger cyst was removed. & I don't even know it I have dissolvable stitches or ones that will need removing.

Maybe I was just looking forward to actually getting an answer but I feel so deflated.. This is my body and I don't know what has happened inside of it. Family and friends ask how I got on.. And I can't answer them! I have a surgical wound inside my belly button with stitches and I have a very small wound just at my knicker line that looks like it may have been glued.

Am I right to feel this way?? Is this normal? Did anybody else have to wait 6weeks to be told anything atall about their op???

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Hi Hanali, I've had 2 laps and unfortunately I wasn't given a great deal of information from the surgeon either. Do you have an after surgery appointment to go to to check how you're healing etc? If not the hospital will send their report to your own doctors surgery so you could make an appointment to see your GP and they should be able to tell you what's in your results report. Think it normally takes about 10-14 days for the report to be sent? Hope you get some answers soon. It's really awful not knowing what's going on with your own body, especially when you know there's something not right! X

I'm off to the docs today for a fit note for work so I will ask then if I can come in when my letter comes just to go through some options. My mirena was taken out too and I live with my partner. I'm not really prepared to try any other contraception at the moment as it was probably the mirena which gave me the cysts so I need something sorting out over the next few weeks as I don't want to get pregnant yet! X

Hi. I had my lap last Tues too and was also sent home after not being told anything. I have not got a follow up appointment or anything so I totally understand how you feel. I was told that they did a biopsy and would receive a letter with the results but wasn't told how long this would take. Sorry I can't be of much help but just wanted you to know you are not on your own feeling like this. X

I haven't been given my follow up appointment yet I'm hoping something will arrive in the post. i was also told whilest in the recovery ward that I will be having an ultrasound in a few weeks. So they must have known something but we're very u helpful. Thanks for your reply. Fingers crossed we get some answers soon! X

Hi, at my appointment with the consultant 6 weeks after my lap, the consultant I saw was not my regular, and she was awful and rude and gave me no information. I went to my doctor to demand to see my consultant who did the lap. I have got an appointment next week.....my lap was at the beginning of September! I do know a little,they confirmed endo, the surgeon said they didn't remove any endo as it was too severe and I would need to consider other options, eg hysterectomy, however he was not very helpful either and my husband tried to ask questions but he said they don't like to talk options whilst you're still under the influence of the GA.

I just think it's so awful, like you say, its your body and you should know exactly what's going on. Try your doctor and go from there. :o)

Gosh this is is awful isn't it. I think it's because a colleague of mine at work had a lap a year ago. She has private healthcare and was told everything straight away and given treatment and options the following week. I'm not bashing the nhs atall because it does a fantastic job but there must be some kind of miscommunication going on. X

Hi there, it's such a shame that we can't rely on these doctors, most consultants will have a secretary, maybe you could get in contact with her and ask what happened in surgery, if not try gps hopefully they will get letter explaining, hope you get your answers, it's all so wrong,

Yeah, to be honest I only met him for th first time when I was being given the anaestethtic. I'd only ever seen him nurses or nurse practitioner in other appointments. He seemed quite moody actually. Il see what I can do thank you xx

Yeah, to be honest I only met him for th first time when I was being given the anaestethtic. I'd only ever seen him nurses or nurse practitioner in other appointments. He seemed quite moody actually. Il see what I can do thank you xx

Hi there. That sounds pretty unacceptable really because like you say, it's your body and you have a right to know what's going on and what has been done.

I would say, and would like to think, that this isn't normal. I've had 2 laps now and after both times my surgeon gave me a summary of what they had done, the first time over the phone and the second in person.

I would actually contact your doctor directly to get the details rather than wait, and even if it takes time for them to prepare a report with the photos, they can at least provide you with a synopsis of what happened.

Hope you get it sorted x

Thank you , I am actually going to the go today to get a note for work as they need to for insurance to pay my cover (I'm a teacher). Hoping to go back to work Wednesday. I know it's too early for the letter to have arrived to the gp but I'm sure they could give me contact details or advice on where to go next. Thanks for your reply xx

I'm sorry to hear how you've been treated. At least here in Cape town South Africa the doctors come back to you, explain what happen and if further treatment is needed. I fear when things like that happen but be strong as things will get better:)

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