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I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS but I am sure in myself that I have endometriosis with the symptoms I have.

Today I had a hysteroscopy which was completely normal. Although I’m very glad about this I left feeling very disheartened - I am sure that my constant bleeding and pain is not right but the nurse I saw today put everything down to the wrong contraception and discharged me. I tried to explain about the pain and that I’d tried many things but it kind of got ignored.

I have booked in again with my GP (who is very good and understanding) to talk about getting referred for an exploratory laparoscopy.

I’m beginning to think it’s all in my head but then the pain comes back and I know that it’s not normal to feel this uncomfortable and so much pain that it brings me to tears and unable to function.

I just needed a rant to people that understand - Im sure people think I’m being dramatic when I tell them how much it hurts.

Anyway, to conclude ... Has anybody struggled to get people to listen/get referred or diagnosed ??

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