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How painful is hysteroscopy under general?

Last August I had a mirena coil fitted during a lap - due to various problems, I now have to have a hysteroscopy under GA to have it removed. One of the reasons is because I find internal examinations excruciating and they tried twice but couldn't remove it - especially because the strings were too short and one snapped.

How painful is this procedure when you wake up? Am I likely to be in pain for days afterwards? I realise it might hurt me more due to whatever causes the pain during internals, but just wondering how long recovery might take as I have a big work thing ten days afterwards.



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A hysteroscopy is a much less invasive procedure than a laparoscopy because it does not need to involve actually cutting you open.

Here is a good page on what to expect after the proceedure:



Hi Rachel,

I've had a couple of hysteroscopies, the most recent one with polyp removals. I must say it was a really quick op (takes around 20 mins) and I didn't have anything more than a bit of very mild cramping both times. Everyone is different of course, but I hope this puts your mind at rest.

Best of luck xx


Thanks ladies - that's reassuring. I've learnt to take standard recovery expectations with a pinch of salt as its always taken me at least twice as long as informed to recover from laps, even diagnostic. I guess my fear is that, because I'm under general they'll be pretty brutal which could cause me pain afterwards - usually I have pain for about 12 hours after an internal, so I'm hoping it won't be much worse than that but we'll see.

Thanks again




I had a Mirena coil fitted as out patient and I also can't have internals and smear test are just to painful all I took was a Paracetamol I felt alittle discomfort but otherwise it was fine.

I went shopping for my new bathroom afterwards but must say I had to rest the next day then back to work.

I'm told the removal is much easier as apparently once the strings are pulled it collapses and comes out but haven't experienced that yet. My problem is the speculum I in agony when they try to use it.

I wouldn't worry you'll only be under for minutes and probably have a dull ache afterwards

I do hope I;ve put your mind at rest

Good Luck take care x


Thanks - that does help :)

I am amazed that you managed to have the mirena put in while awake, especially when you find speculums so painful - even the doctors admit its really painful so you must be some kind of superhero. I am so impressed - I could never have done that. And to go shopping afterwards? That's bonkers!

I have always found speculums painful but it's gotten a lot worse over the last few years - before it would really hurt but I could cope. When my GP tried to remove the coil, she had the speculum open for about ten minutes and I spent the whole time crying and in agony. Because she couldn't get it out, she referred me to have it done under sedation at the hospital - but they didn't give me any sedation, and they couldn't even get the speculum open because it was so painful.

My old pain specialist told me that there's a problem with the muscles down there as they're all solid and feel like bone so this might be the cause - plus the fact that its never used ;) I do have a real worry about having kids if I ever do - if I can't even manage a speculum, how am I going to have a baby? I don't think it's an issue since there are so many obstacles in the way, but it does get me down that my bits are in such a mess.


I have had a mirena replaced and a new one to replace it with a general, I am the same about speculums. I alway tell the anethisist that my greatest fear it waking up in pain... I had a terrible experience after the op I had to remove a Fallopian tube. They always take this on board and since then I have always had extra pain relief . Good luck but I'm sure you won't need it. It really is a simple procedure and takes 10 mins xx


Hi Friends

pls help me out.i might need a polyp removal AGAIN !!.This is my first hysteroscopy in UK.am eligible for NHS sub fertility treatment only.could u please throw some light on ur experiences on hysteroscopy under NHS? how the funding goes and all that procedure?


I only had the hysteroscopy to remove the Mirena coil - as far as funding, that's usually nothing to do with the patient (the doctor refers you to the hospital and they do it, and that's that - there's nothing more to do). If you're from abroad, I believe the procedure is the same - how far have you got so far, have you been referred yet?


thank u so much cupcakegirl :)

and how about the appointment time for hysteroscopy and referral time?will the wait time be more?

no it was just my HSG done today and fixed an appointment for a scan next tuesday.not been referred yet.


It varies enormously across the country and at different hospitals. In my case, I was referred back to the hospital at the end of March, then had the appointment, an ultrasound and the hysteroscopy by early June, so it was all fairly quick, but it was a relatively straight forward issue. I've waited longer for laparoscopies, sometimes 6-8 months after seeing the gynae. Some hospitals have much longer waiting lists than others.

If you have a polyp, depending on where it is, you'll either need a hysteroscopy or a colposcopy. Both procedures are quite quick and aren't too complex so the waiting times don't tend to be as long.

I hope you get it sorted ASAP



my first scan was done in june and then one smear test in september by doctor himself.that time it was not detected !Now after yesterday's HSG everything has fallen into spotlight.anyway going next week for an ultrasound scan to see if it is a polyp.


I had a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy two weeks ago. When I woke up, I had period pain but they immediately gave me Tramadol through the canula in my vein and that sorted it out in minutes. I had some light bleeding for a few days afterwards. The hysteroscopy was the easy part :) Wishing you luck! Xx


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