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Hysteroscopy and second laparoscopy

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Hello, in 2 weeks I’m having surgery. They’re going to start with a hysteroscopy and then a laparoscopy to have a unilateral salpinho-oophorectomy (removal of ovary and fallopian tube)

I know what to expect for the laparoscopy as I had one in July but I am nervous about the hysteroscopy. People have this done awake, I’ll be asleep so will be none the wiser. But the thought freaks me out!

Has anyone had any experience with a hysteroscopy? Does it hurt afterwards? Should I expect any discomfort or additional bleeding?

I am nervous but calm. During my last surgery I had a tachycardia of 120bpm and it was 140bpm prior to the anaesthetic. I suppose now I am aware of the tachycardia it makes me more nervous. I’ve had 24 hour trace and apparently it’s normal but they state ‘uncertain diagnoses’ which gives me loads of confidence 🙄🤔

Last time I was more worried about the anaesthetic and how I was going to feel waking up but all of that was fine.

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relax, you should be OK, trust me..

I had D&C last year, not really hurt during the surgery..

I'm half awake..

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Flossy13 in reply to introuble

Thank you for your response. After reading everyone’s comments I do feel a bit better about it all now (for now at least)

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introuble in reply to Flossy13

Just had hystreocopy during the weekend, wasn’t that bad :)

Now Anxious for laparoscopy


The hysteroscopy will likely be fine. I have had a few, last one was 5 weeks ago. The bleeding was really manageable (and my periods were not usually). The pain was less for the hysteroscopy than for the lap. So try not to worry too much. I’m sorry you have added worries about your heart and the anaesthesia.

We are all a bit worried before surgery, it would be odd not to. Hopefully you are going somewhere with a team you trust and have someone/people to look after you before/after.

Good luck with everything. X

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Flossy13 in reply to ChloeV

Thank you. I do feel better about the hysteroscopy now.

You’re right. I think it’s normal to worry as you say, it would be odd not to.

I don’t know about you but I had to walk to theatre. And I found that really weird and frightening.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

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ChloeV in reply to Flossy13

Hope you can stay reasonably calm until then. I’m sure you will be fine. I like to think the walking into surgery as an empowering moment; You are fit and able, looking after your body and everybody in theatre is expecting you to be up and walking again soon after. (I’ve had to go in lying down once before because of pain and that was way worse/scarier.) Feel free to get in touch again if you wobble again. Good luck!

Hey I had the hysteroscopy asleep while they were doing my lap.

The put a camera up your vagina into your uterus looking for any problems as they go and taking biopsies (if they've said they would). It feels a bit odd afterwards, kind of like you've been a bit over keen with *ahem* or toys, it kind of all aches a little, and a bit like period pains (the shooting ones) for the first 24 hours. There's a little spotting from the cervix and uterus if they've taken biopsies and because these are sensitive areas. I took pads with me for that bit but it's the same bleeding as after the lap.

Hope that helps xx

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Flossy13 in reply to luthien

I didn’t bleed after my last laparoscopy 😬 maybe I will this time. I don’t think she mentioned anything about biopsies though but it all seems a bit of a blur now. As she was talking to me, all I could hear was my own voice in my head trying to work out how many weeks/days it was until surgery.

At the moment I get weird pains up my vagina. The same pain feeling I get when I pluck my eyebrows. But this pain is like my cervix has eyebrows and someone is plucking away. 😖

I feel a bit better about the hysteroscopy now. I think the thing I’m dreading the most is the stitches. Why do they hurt so much? 😵 I assumed they would be soft like cotton thread haha but it’s like proper hard plastic stabbing you. I’m already looking forward to them coming out and they’re not even in yet.

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luthien in reply to Flossy13

It depends on how much stuff is moved around in there, what's done and each person - some bleed lots, some a little, some not at all!

I had that pain; they diagnosed it as cervical ectropion via a smear - it's when sensitive cells further up the cervix appear further down so they can bleed a little and feel like little stabbing pains. It's fairly common, then again there are other things like cysts, something pulling the outside, so it's good they're willing to do the hysteroscopy.

I only had stitches in my belly button, the rest were glued, that one was kind of soft but it was dissolvable (took about 3 weeks) - never had ones that need to be removed, sounds awful though :(

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introuble in reply to luthien

I bled a bit after hystreocopy...

Now from yesterday, i had yellowish discharges... it’s normal right?

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