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Hi all... I don't often write on here but I promised my consultant I would so here I am!

So diagnosed with stage 4 endo aged 36 had extensive surgery a year ago to remove most of it. Year on no luck with conceiving so my gynae has done some bloods and a hysteroscopy to check the inside of my womb.

I Googled hysteroscopy as was going to be awake whilst it was done so as normal I feaked myself out and couldn't find much info on anyone being awake for it .... except a few horror stories that filled me with dread.

I have had it done a few days ago and can honestly say for me it was no worst then a smear test. Now I know everyone is different but I wanted to post something more positive for anyone else who may be in my situation and freaking out from googling 🙄

This page has been really helpful to me since diagnosis so hoping this little bit of info may help someone else xx

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I just had my hystreocopy yesterday

Wasn’t that bad, didn’t feel pain

Enjoy the GA and didn’t feel bad

Just had a bit bleeding after, just blood stain

Stay one nite at the hospital, how today i can discharge


... and now I’m having yellowish discharged, is it normal?

Hi I had mine done whilst awake and told to drive myself home 20 mins after lol!

I didn't get any discharge but was told to be aware if I did that it could be an infection so probably best to speak to a doctor x

Hello... ya I think maybe infection too... i will speak to my Dr on monday


Thank you so much. I’m due for one Thursday in outpatients and I have been worrying so much after reading some posts. Fingers crossed it will be just some discomfort.

how did you get on?

i am concerned because you had a ok time that you are telling all women to have a outpatient where 1 in 4 surfer sever pain and up to 1 in 20 find it unbearable please stop gas lighting other women some of witch have ptsd

If you are replying to me... you will see I said "for me" it was ok and that I understand everyone is different! It was a message of support for someone like my self that couldn't find much info out about it except for horror stories.

Others have also thanked me and found it helpful so instead of coming back to an old thread just to be rude and negative and now possibly worrying others with your comments on what is meant to be a supportive network may i suggest you make your own post based on your own experiences that people can choose to read if they find it helpful to them and their situations. I also have alot of sympathy for people that have found this experience alot more traumatic and am not against anyone wishing to have this procedure done under GA and they should have the option to discuss this with their healthcare provider.

We should be supporting one another with these situations!

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. 🤔🤔

Many of us APPRICIATE these post's.

If you dont like what you read just click back and keep scrolling!

Jeez 🙄

Thank you stresshead24 🤦‍♀️

psychological manipulation (i have no problem so you should do as i do) seeks to sow seeds of doubt (reports are just internet horror stories)in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, (women going for there first hysteroscopy)making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. (you were tense and worked up or are unusual in your experience) If you dont like what you read just click back and keep scrolling!( a post that is likely to cause others unnecessary pain just don,t bother to be concerned)

Thank you... I don't normally post on forum's and look where it's got me 🤣😳

I also am a super worrier hence the stress head name (just wanted to make it clear it's because I'm a worrier not because I'm and angry person;) ) x

Ignore it,

Just 1 man trying to control a post by the looks of it 🤷‍♀️

Oh I didn't realise 🙈 thanks for taking the time to reply x

my wife had it done on the 15th


Exactly that everyone’s experience will be different & for some women it’s completely bearable others may need GA.

Personally I couldn’t have managed a hysteroscopy without GA but even pelvic examinations are severely painful for me. Endo affects us all differently .

Ultimately we all know our bodies & will know what we can & not tolerate ( for me I insisted on GA as I knew I wouldn’t cope with it without GA)

We do need to support each that’s the point of these forums xoxo

the biggest issues is depending on the hospital some doctors do not tell women of the server risk of pain do not give them a option of GA and do not stop painfull hysterscopys they fall short of denying them a GA but do not give them informed consent im not against outpatient but no one mentions couscous sedation or meflic asid or tramadol or mozaladam. 3 moths is not that old a thred and please answer the qrestion how will you feel when some one sees your post has a painfull hysterscopy and has ptsd and need physio/chiropractor because of there bad back i do not support you telling women not to worry about it when up to 1 in 4 suffer sever pain and how did you not find any info on it there are dozens of vids on youtube of it being done

Hidden in reply to thelordsanger

I agree that the drs should give out more information & warn ladies it can be very painful for some women. Clearly some of it is money saving.

My hospital sent a leaflet out & did indicate some women might need a sedation if the hysteroscopy is too painful which could be arranged but indicated that the majority of women don’t find hysteroscopy unmanageable; no worse than a smear test.

Obviously everyone is an individual & their wishes should be respected.

I have to say my hospital were fully supportive of my decision to have GA during my hysteroscopy.

Personally I think it’s helpful for women to have a balanced view on the procedure. It’s reassuring to hear not all women find it unbearable & equally it’s important for women to know it can be very painful to some.

Ultimately you have to know your own body & what you can & cannot cope with. Be very firm & assertive with medics.

I think the post was created with good intentions behind it & wanted to support others xoxo

Stresshead24 in reply to Hidden

It sure was Jess thank you and I'm glad your hospital was supportive xx

thelordsanger in reply to Hidden

out hospital was a mixed bag first consultant tried to sell outpatient rather than push pre ams nurse was i do not blame you said any thing she will have done will be under GA but the consultant doing it was rather pushea and almost thought it was going to end in a argument i think a hour before op is a bit late but she backed down and did not purfrate her womb. original post was created with good intentions but it does not make it right especially since her consultant wanted just wanted to carry on as normal instead of excepting %25 of women need some sort of pain relief she will not answer the question how will she feel when some one sees her post and has a hurendus time because of her?

No they don't and when pain scores were released recently after a FOIA request, 25% said pain was at least a 7/10. To many that's not nothing.

It's great some women haven't found it too painful but I do think doctors need to be more honest with women about potential pain rather than saving the costs of pain relief (which is what they're doing.)

you need to reply to stresshead not me sorry

My answer is I'm NOT telling people to have it done in outpatients I'm sharing MY experience of it in outpatients to helps others who maybe in that situation. Like other posts have helped me.

Some people will have teeth out in their dentist others need GA for it. We are all different. I'm not here to argue and I hope your find the right option for YOU to get the treatment you require and wish you well.

your consultant was very irresponsible twitter.com/EndoExplained/s...

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