Hello everyone, please can someone help me?

I am 67 and during the last six months , the endometrium has doubled in thickness. The gynaecologist has booked a Hysteroscopy without anaesthetic and I am so scared. I have not slept this week and I am vomiting when I think about it. I read an article in the Daily Mail which refers to it as a barbaric procedure and showed a picture of the instruments used calling them instruments of torture. I am thinking of cancelling the appointment and just accepting the consequences. Please help me and share your experiences. Thank you so much .

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I'm very sorry to say I had one Wednesday well it failed.i took ibuprofen but I really did think they would have used a local in my cervix as they did in my cystoscopy the week before,but they used nothing.we tried twice but he got to 3/4 way into cervix and we had to stop.now I have to have it under GA.one of my friends had no pain at all and it was a piece of cake.what I would suggest is try and if you feel it's getting too much just tell them to stop as I did.also ask if they can give you a local in your cervix,they didn't offer me anything good luck xx

Thank you she'll x

Please don't listen to horror stories. I was offered a choice of general anaesthetic or not. I was going on holiday the day after so opted for nothing. It was a bit like a smear but took longer. Some cramping as they passed into the cervix and womb. Tell them you are scared, I'm sure they will look after you. All the best x

Oh thank you so much x

I've had a hysteroscopy and it really wasn't bad. I was told to take painkillers an hour before but forgot. I had some cramping afterwards but nowhere near as bad as period pain.

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for your reply x

If you'd prefer to have a ga then I would ask them.

I'd had a couple of very uncomfortable hycosy's previously and asked them for general when I was having the hysteroscopy.

They said that was fine...don't be scared to ask X

Thanks for your reply x

Hi please don't worry I've had a couple if hystroscopy's and I was fine it's abit uncomfortable but definitely not unbearable and you can have a local injection if you really feel uncomfortable but please I wouldn't lie to you stay calm relax you will be fine and if it was that bad an experience they would give everyone anaestic. Try to keep busy but do have it done thinking if you

Persil xx

Thank you so very much x

Hello, I'm 57, and have had 5 of these procedures over the last 3 years - I haven't yet gone through the menopause, and have had flooding, very heavy periods, thickness of the womb. I had a hysteroscopy yesterday, and I have to tell you the absolute truth - it was extremely painful, despite me having a local anaesthetic. The worst part was the biopsy, but the pain only lasted for a few minutes. Afterwards, I had period-type cramps for several hours, and some light bleeding. The nurses and the doctor were all very kind, friendly, etc. They make all their patients a cup of tea/coffee, and persuade the patient to sit in a small lounge, until they feel ready to go home. I went to aerobics last night and was fine.

All in all, I found it extremely painful, for a few minutes, but I'm glad I had it done (again).

Please go - it's important to get these things checked. Take someone with you. Good luck.

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