What is a hysteroscopy like?

Hi again!

I'm having my first procedure done this weekend- diagnostic laparoscopy and hysteroscopy with the possibility of endo removal if some is found - and i'm wondering if anyone can tell me what their experiences of hysteroscopy was actually like? I'm so terrified! I'll be knocked out but I really don't like the idea of people looking down there when i am unconscious, and I'm also really scared of what it will feel like after, especially if they do some excision.

Any advice or stories would be so helpful. I'm really scared.

Thank you!

PS sorry for posting again, I forgot to write this in my earlier post. xx

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I had a hysteroscopy along with my lap to look at fibroids. I bled a bit afterwards, which I think is normal after a lap anyway, but had no major problems. Barely gave it any thought afterwards as I was sore from the lap so concentrated more on that.

Hope it goes well for you.


thank you for replying. So the pain was bearable? My doctor didn't even tell me i was having it, i just noticed it on the letter the other day ): xx

Hi hannah11 I had this done in Jan this year and had a biopsy taken from my womb, I felt a bit sore and tender. Please try not to worry to much. Will be thinking of you.

hey thanks for replying. Was it so sore you had to take meds for it afterwards? xx

I had mine in 2011, the procedure obvs was under general so didn't know anything about it. Afterwards was quite painful, but I was given lots of morphine and kept in overnight for observation as I had a drain! It was supposed to be a day case, so I didn't pack anything. Would advise overnight stuff, old knickers and night maxi pad sanitary towels, you will need these for a couple of days! I was given codeine, diclofenic and paracetamol to take home, and had the week off work!! After the initial couple of days was absolutely fine!!!! I had to get out of the house in day 3, so begged my OH to take me to asda- how sad!!! Lol get Lots is baggy jogging bottoms to have for a few days!! Oh a tip- my hospital wasn't brilliant so they failed to prescribe me laxatives while having so much morphine- I knew they cause constipation, so make sure you start taking these right away otherwise it's quite painful after a week. Oh the surgery itself can cause trapped wind, dunk lots of peppermint tea!!! It will all be ok, and if it is endo, the relief of finally having a diagnosis and treatment all in the same day will completely take a massive weight off your mind, and make it all totally worth it!!!! 😁😁😁😁 xx

hello thanks for replying and telling me about your experience. What do you mean when you said you had a 'drain'? I don't know what that is. :/

Thanks for the advice, I made a note of everything you said and i'll def be getting in the mint tea and maxi pads!


Oh sorry, unfortunately I had some bleeding during the surgery- for some reason I'm just a bleeder- it's happened with other routine surgery. Because I lost so much blood I had to have a drain inserted whilst I was out, which was left in overnight, has a tube coming out of my belly button attached to a little plastic container, all the excess blood drained into that overnight. It's really uncommon, I think it was just unfortunate- don't let it scare you!!! Xx


Please try not to worry I know it's easier said than done. I had my lap, excision, left fallopian tube removed, hysteroscopy, d&c and endometrial ablation done in May this year. They sent me home with tramadol and paracetamol. I only took 2 paracetamol after my op (and that was only as my partner forced me to). I had no pain afterwards I just uncomfortable. Everyone is different. The fear of the operation is actually worse than the operation it's self.

Good luck & let us know how you get on x

Wow you're a warrior going through all that on hardly any pain meds!

Thank you so much for your comment. I suffer from chronic anxiety so I know most of this fear is probably blow out of proportion but i am still so scared!

A warrior! Love it and never thought of it that way :) I was amazed that I didn't need any meds after going through all that.

It's perfectly normal to feel anxious, I suffer from depression and anxiety but have learnt not to put too much stress and pressure on myself as it's really harmful and doesn't get you anywhere (it's taken me a long time to get to this point).

I will be thinking of you x

thank you so much lovely xxx

I suffer from depression and anxiety too! Thanks for your kind comments and support, I appreciate it so much. I don't know anyone who has endo so it's been so amazing speaking to women on here :) x

I had exactly the same op last year & the same worries until I realised this is what my consultant did for a living & I was at the point that I would have done anything to take the pain away as the co-codamol they had me on wasn't! After the op I was put on paracetamol only whilst in hospital but was given tramadol to take home to take if I needed it. I think the wind pain was the worst, bled quite heavily for a few days. Definately make sure you take something for the consipation, my GP sent something stronger up to me after the stuff the hospital gave me to go home with didn't help (think they gave me lactalose). Was put on Prostate injections after the procedure for 6 months to give everything a break and that seems to have done the trick (touching wood) ;-) Good luck & I hope it resolves the pain! X

thank you for adding this! i appreciate your advice so much xxx

Everyone has already given you lots of useful info and advice..... I just wanted to reiterate the suggestion of buying and drinking lots of peppermint tea after the op. I wish I had had some before day three after the op - which was when I found out about it. Highly recommend getting some in. It was a lifesaver for me ..... Well alongside the extra pillows to prop you up in bed/ on sofa and painkillers!

Oh and other suggestion that someone advised me was to have a pillow ready in the car for the journey home. Pop it under your seatbelt against your belly for extra soft comfort. It's surprising how uncomfortable the roads and speed bumps are! Hee.

Last bit of advice, be gentle on yourself. I got quite weepy and cried quite a bit over the few days after my op, interspersed with being absolutely fine. Think the general anaesthetic, painkillers and slow recovery made me feel quite hard on myself. I remember my boyfriend holding my hand on day 4 and saying that I was absolutely fine to stay rested as I deserved a break and bit of pampering - and he was right. Accept help from friends and family - I'm sure you deserve it too. Good luck. :-)

aw bless you thank you so much for adding this extra comment with more advice, i really appreciate it so much! xxx

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