Hi ladies

Just got an email through to say I've been dated for 2nd Nov for my first laparoscopy.

Which is such a relief as I was told end of November, so feeling incredibly lucky 🍀 how ironic that I only bought night gowns and slippers yesterday!

Does anyone have any tips for going in for the first lap, and would you recommend getting the coil fitted under GA or not? Hoping this procedure gives me some answers, wishing you all pain free days and quick waiting times if you're on the list for surgery.

Lots of love xxx

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  • Good luck with your op. I would definitely take a book to read as there is normally a lot of waiting around. And get some peppermint tea for afterwards to help disperse the gas. Wear loose fitting clothes as tum will be sore and tender. Can't really advise on coil as I've not had one , but I would imagine it better to have it done at the same time. Oh take some sanitary towels too Incase you bleed afterwards as the hospital ones are awful.

    I hope everything goes well and keep us updated.

  • Thank you, do you think I can take the teas with me to the hospital or would it best to drink at home? I may be in for a few days so I'm not too sure what to do. Already got sanitary towels and underwear sorted, just don't know about coil.. thinking it will be best to have it done under GA!

    Will keep you all updated on how I get on x

  • Yeah you should be able to take with you. Good luck Hun.

  • Thank you lovely x

  • good luck with the lap x

  • Thank you lovely!x

  • Good luck! I had a lap last Tuesday and they found endo. I'm relived they found something to explain my pain. Lots of peppermint tea for at home and rest. I had the coil fitted at the same time, hopefully that works for me. If you do need to ask any questions, you are welcome to message me.

  • Hope you're recovering well from your lap, I'll definitely have to get some peppermint tea or something to help with the pains from the gas. I will send you a message if that's okay :) x

  • Hey I had my first lap on Wednesday and they found and removed endo, I have quite a bit of scar tissue and something was stuck, so they cut that free. I tried peppermint tea but I couldn't stand the taste of it. I have some windeze tablets (you can get these on the shelf in boots) but I don't think I really need them.

    I would say take some water into hospital with you, then you can drink as much as you want without waiting for the nurses. I actually drank two bottles while waiting to be discharged. Feel free to message me too if you have any questions, all the best xx

  • And I'd have said the coil would be better to be put in under GA x

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