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Have a lap date!!

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Hi ladies,

Hope your all having a pain free day.

So today ive been offered 2 dates for a lap.

Ive opted for the 26th April as my little girl has grommets op on the 18th so need to ve fit and well to go with her else I could of had the 14th.

Cant believe how quick everything is moving with my new consultant compared to the last 1 isaw.

I only had my consultation 12 days ago and now have my lap in jus under 3 weeks time.

Happy is an understatement. Hopefully I get some answers to all my pain.

I am due on around the 23rd so maybe that will be a good thing too as I have been told endo is more visible/active when your on period?

Thank you for reading just wanted to update everyone.


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Great news! 🎉🎉🎉

My consultant said it wouldn’t matter if you were on a period or not.

I’ve had two laparoscopys so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me 😊

All the best with your laparoscopy xoxo

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Thank you.

Im just nervous of being put to sleep lol sounds silly.

Ive never had surgery before its all new xx

Good luck lovely. Pleased you'll get some answers 💗😘🤗

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It’s not silly; I was terrified the first time I had surgery 😘 I’ve had 3 surgeries so far; which includes 2 laps and it’s honestly really nothing to worry about. It’s a nice sleep 😂 The hospital staff will be lovely and really reassuring ; they’re used to people being nervous . They put a cannula on the back of your hand; and a mask over you; you will feel the cold sensation of the anaesthetic going up your arms and very soon afterwards you will drift off. The next thing you will know is you’re in recovery room 😊 it’s weird it’s like no time has passed 😂 I have only ever woke up in recovery room on all 3 surgeries 😊 the nurses will be very caring and make sure you have painkillers if you need them. You will be fine; I promise you. I find endometriosis symptoms and pain far worse than any op! 😂 I wouldn’t be completing having another done if it was bad ( I’m a wimp and if I can do it anyone can 😂)this time by an endometriosis specialist as my endometriosis is left on my bowel 🤦🏼‍♀️

Just think you of everything you stand to gain; an explanation for your suffering xoxo

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Aww im glad to hear it aint that bad.

How long did u take to recover?

Mines on a thursday an doing my kids birthdays on the same weekend 🙈(god help me)

We are doing it at home tho so ican jus lie on settee (only having cake an food, just family)


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To be honest it will depend on what they do; if it’s diagnostic or operative ( ie they find endo and remove it) Both my laps were operative; they removed endo from pod but left endo on my rectum which I’m awaiting an appointment with a endometriosis specialist .

You will need to rest for the first few days; you might feel a bit sore where the incisions are; I had bruises on mine but I bruise easily. I found getting up within a day afterwards was difficult. Just because the incisions are small doesn’t mean the work they done inside you was 😊

I was better after a few days but still very tired; by two weeks I was well ready to return to work; the only reason I haven’t properly returned is I work at a school and it’s hols! ( I had to go in today and next Tuesday)

Make sure family know you’re recovering from surgery and let them look after you 😀if you over do it you could put your recovery back🤦🏼‍♀️be careful with things take the help 💝

I really hope it goes well and you get answers soon xoxo

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He said if he finds anything he will excise it (depending on location)

We will be staying with mother in law as hubby will only be able to take the day for op off.

Plus i have 3 under 6 so im dreading how my clingy 2 year old is going to be.

Im hoping i will get some answers but also dreading that they might not find anything xx

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That’s great you’ll have help and support 😊

I think your emotions are normal; I felt like that too.

I hope it goes well and wish you a quick recovery ❤️❤️❤️ xoxo

I’m so pleased for you!!! I was on my period when I had mine nearly 3 weeks ago and it was not a problem at all. It was my first op so was dreading it and it was absolutely fine. The anaesthetist was so reassuring and it was over before I knew it. I had bad sickness after it but everyone is different and they gave me anti sickness and was fine the next day. Wishing you all the best for your op!

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Thank you for your reply

Hope your recovering okay xx

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