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First lap nerves

I’m worried they won’t find anything and that it’s all in my head! I’m sure it’s not. But I find this page very helpful but also sometimes makes me feel unsure as you read of ladies having so many symptoms which lots of them I don’t have. So I think it can’t be Endo?!

I am also having the mirena coil fitted which I am nervous about. I recently came off of the implant 2 months ago that caused me hell for 5 years and was also on a pill running alongside. I’m scared this will cause me the same hell.

I am also having a hysteroscopy at the same time and I have never had surgery or any procedure before so nervous as anything :(

Anyway just a little rant of my worries.

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I was in exactly the same position as you a week ago! I had my first operation which was a diagnostic laparoscopy and was terrified beforehand. The operation went smoothly although they didn’t find any Endo. At the time I was shocked as I was convinced I had it and am still unsure where to go from here, but you need to remember that just because it’s not Endo doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong!

Message me if you have any questions. Best of luck 😊


I felt the same too and echo what’s said above.

Reading here was so helpful but it also made me unsure, but just think that everyone is different in terms of symptoms.

Wishing you lots of luck and hope you get some answers. Try not to stress too much about the surgery (easier said than done I know) I found that everything just happened around me and before you know it you’re waking up in recovery. Xx


Trying not to stress too much. It’s all very new and have no idea what to expect so feeling crazy nervous but trying to keep stress down.

Just have to think that we are all different with different symptoms and I don’t know what the outcome will be tomorrow so trying not to stress over it

I hope it will be like that for me too. Hopefully it’s done before I know it. Thank you so much for your reply xx


It’s not nice to read that other people are in this not very nice situation but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one feeling like this or am on my own! Thank you so much for your response. Nerves are going crazy but feeling a little better about it all thank you :)


I had no idea endo existed until I was referred, no one had ever mentioned it and I had no cause to worry too much until I couldn’t conceive a second time.

Then when I realised I had it following a lap, I could piece together the symptoms; heavy periods occasionally, not very regular periods (polycystic), occasional fatigue - could have just been tired, bad cramps time of the month - thought it was just a bad month.

So, it’s worth going through with the procedure to identify anything that’s not quite right and get it corrected if necessary. Xx


Sorry to hear you’ve had this happen. Hope things are on the mend for you.

Definitely worth checking I know. I was worried it would be for no reason but even if it isn’t Endo it’s still worth it to be sure.

Thank you for your response feeling a little less stressed about it all. Just really nervous xx


I think that there must be a sufficient reason for them to believe you would benefit from it - even if you don’t have endo they might find something else which is causing you problems. These ops cost the NHS quite a lot so they wouldn’t perform it willy nilly. Thank you, I’m glad I know what was wrong tbh I feel good again (exception of the new year hangover I can’t shift - self inflicted).


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