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First diagnosis lap tomorrow!

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Hi ladies,

I have my very first lap tomorrow and I can't help being stressed! Luckily for me it's not my first surgery (I had general anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal and a wrist surgery last year) so I kind of know what to expect in terms of going to to the theatre and going to sleep.

My main concerns are that I have been having a cold since last week, I am feeling much better today but I still have a bit of a cough and some phlegm coming up and I hope this won't be a problem!

My second worry is that they won't find anything! My consultant (who's been very dismissive with me) is just so convinced they won't find anything that I can't help but wondering about it... I just want answers! Obviously mother nature has been generous and I came on my period yesterday, and last night and the night before were just agony! I just want to know what is wrong with me...

Sorry for the longish post, I just needed to get everything off my chest before tomorrow! xx

10 Replies
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I would mention the cold 😮 Also they are sending you for a lap if they didnt part think you may have it they wouldnt send you for one 😮 I hope they find a solution for you and I hope you are able to have your op 🤞🏻 Xx

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MaloushkaPat in reply to Abi_97

Thank you! I was going to mention the cold anyway :)

Regarding my consultant she basically told me that she had to do a lap before she can send me back to my GP, she pictured it more like a tick in the box exercise to me hence I felt like she doesn't really care (she is convincedit my problems are GI related and not a gynea issue cause I mentioned to her bloating and constipation around my period).

Last consultation I had with her I tried to mention to her new gynea symptoms but she wasn't listening to me and didn't let me finish. Fortunately I managed to get one of the consultants who manage the endo clinic at the hospital I am being seen to do my lap tomorrow as I don't trust my consultant! Xx

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Abi_97 in reply to MaloushkaPat

Wow she sounds rude I must admit though a lot are like that I think my consultant said if mine came back negative I had to work on my bowel movements like I'm sorry but how does anyone secudule their bowel hahaa 😂 Also bloat and constipation is one of my symptoms though I dont just get them around my period they are constant 😮I've been diagnosed with endo as well 😮 I hope it goes well 🤞🏻 Xx

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MaloushkaPat in reply to Abi_97

She is super rude, she made me question if I was actually in pain at some point and if it was all in my head or not!! All I am asking for is answers and a treatment plan so I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow! Xx

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Abi_97 in reply to MaloushkaPat

A lot of doctors are like that its not that simple and you would think doctors would know that 🤦🏼‍♀️ Fingers crossed 🤞🏻Xx

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Lulububs in reply to MaloushkaPat


So close to xmas u poor thing...

I have had bad periods to point of being sent to sick bay every month at school to being sent home at work from fainting through pain.

I been on contractive pills ( which did not make any difference )then got to 38 and decided to come off and they just stayed same BAD!

Eventually at 42 my gp sent me to top gynae in endo and had emergency lap 3 weeks later as they were convinced i had bad endo or ovary problems.

Well i had nothing!! Nothing at all..... everything was super healthy only thing noticed is i clot very quick and my blood is very thick, so when im on period it very clotty so was out on transexamic acid and sent to a top gastro!

So i go to top gastro and she says eating and way u eat can make massive difference to ur hormones... she wanted me to come of dairy and gluten for 6 weeks see how it went, take probiotics and peppermint oil. And go on the endo diet( non flammatory foods)

Well i came out totally gutted and sooo fed up of it all.... it been years and years i suffered .... but i went on that diet i cut out gluten and dairy i went on endo diet THAT WAS YEAR AGO!!!


It turns out i was intolerant to cowsmilk and gluten and it was upsetting my whole system including my hormones....

My periods are normal( still take tran acid as my clots are bad otherwise) my weight has gone from a size 14 to a 8. I have more energy, never lethargic and feel great.

So just sometimes it can not be endo.... it can b something that effecting ur hormones and your stomach and it can b as easy as changing diet that could change your life... just to give u some hope as endo ( as all the ladies on this site will tell you) is not nice u do not want it.

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MaloushkaPat in reply to Lulububs

Thank you very much for sharing your experience! I had lots of gastro issue a few years back and was diagnosed with bile reflux, which is now under control (after going private back at home in France I must admit!)

I just really want answers as to why I am in so much pain every month (I too have to be sent home from work on a regular basis). If they don't find anything I will be gutted but I am ready to try anything at this point.

I always had painful periods when I was young, that's why I was put on the pill on the first instance, and then 2 years ago I startef having this regular pain around my period but didn't think any of it (I just thought, it is period get a grip!) And wanted to come off the pill cause my body started to not like the artificial hormones anymore as I started getting migraines so I decided to get a copper coil fitted and this is when it all started again and worse than when I was young. I've now swapped the copper coil for a Mirena which gives me more manageable periods but no relief in terms of pain, it just keep getting worse!

So I will see tomorrow outcome, it might sound weird but I actually cannot wait! Xx

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Lulububs in reply to MaloushkaPat

No it not weird i felt same i had suffered 30 years!! Since i was 13-14 years old. I just kinda accepted it right up till about 2 years ago when i thought laying on floor crying with my husband having to pick me up and put me to bed wasnt normal...

I did have pain in between periods to that why they thought endo most people that have endo suffer all time not just on periods.

So everyone was 99.9% sure it had it...

So it was a shocker when i did not!

I thought “ oh my god i got to put up with this forever”!

So i just wanted u to know that if it is not it prob something gastro related which is a hell of alot easier to deal with then endo.

If i eat gluten or cowsmilk now ( which i dont aless by mistake) i will have the exact same pains, it like my insides are being ripped out oh and the bloating jesus i look 9 months pregnant. Whereas if i dont eat anything i shouldnt i dont get pain

Aww I just got mines on Monday. And similar had a bad cold before. Was ok though.

Hope you get the answers, and remember and just be careful it’s very painful afterwards so take it easy.

I got Home on Tuesday evening and I have been sleeping lots, when you sleep you heal. Xx

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Wishing you the best of luck with your operation MaloushkaPat . I'm sure that it will all go well! As for your consultant and your worries of not finding anything: if that's the case, that would be even better and you shall not worry anymore! But I think it's good to find out. I don't know if I have endometriosis either yet, but I'm planning to see a private specialist in the new year and have a second opinion on the possible diagnosis and possibly a lap.

Best of luck xx

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