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First Gynae app, nerves are setting in!


Hey all,

So after hearing my symptoms, several doctors have said it sounds like I have Endo. I have managed to get an Gynae appointment through a family planning clinic which will help my doctor who wants to refer me to a another Gynae at the hospital with a view to lap surgery. The appointment is Thursday and I'm beginning to get nervous, any advice?

I'm not particularly nervous about the exam, I'm just nervous that it's going to be another explain your story session. Looking back it is so frustrating that the doctors I had didn't recognise the symptoms then......

Also does anyone get horrendously painful shoulders, neck?

Thanks in advance :-)

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My mind sometimes goes blank by the time I go in to the doctor. Especially if I'm nervous or tired because I've been in the waiting room a while! So I make a list of history of symptoms, what I want to say and questions to ask.

Why don't you write down the full history of all your symptoms with dates if you can remember, or made a note at the time. Then write a short list. Take both in with you to refer to or even give a copy to the doctor.


Thank you! That's a great idea, although do you find when you are listing the symptoms you just feel slightly depressed the further you go through the list? X

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I did, mine was a month ago and eventually I cried but it’s such a relief to be heard and find out that somethings actually being done and they were brilliant with me.

I was nervous but I literally sat down and they called my name, didn’t even have time to think.

I was unprepared and had no list so that’s definitely good advice but they asked questions and listened. It was lovely as much of a novelty to be heard from my experience.

Good luck xxx

Yes! I think when we feel a bit better we just want to get on with life and not be reminded of the pain and symptoms.

Still best to persevere with the list though, or come back to it later. X

Thank you both so much! X

If you are in the UK, you want to be sure that your treatment follows the right path. Really you need a laparoscopy for a full diagnosis of Endo. If this is just a preparatory talk / examination that you are going to, they may offer you an ultrasound scan next - an ordinary one may not see much, but a transvaginal ultrasound can spot some Endo, eg. on and near ovaries and ligaments that support them - but a lap is the gold standard for full and detailed diagnosis.

However, depending on your age, symptoms and previous history, I would make sure that it is understood that if the Endo is extensive and difficult places eg - on the bowel - that you would want to be seen by specialised Endo Specialists at an Endo (BSGE) clinic.

Talk to the advisors at 'Endo UK' - link to their website with contact details above - and read all the detail on their site, as well as checking out, about the issues that these Endo Gynaes are the best people to deal with. General gynaes don't always find and/or recognise all types of Endo tissues, and cannot always remove endo in difficult places - eg bowel, bladder. In such severe cases of Endo you should be forwarded to BSGE Centres. GPs are supposed to know the strict protocol for re- / referring patients with severe Endo to BSGE centres, but it doesn't always happen.

Thank you Gritty, they have given me an ultrasound (TA and TV) which came back normal :-/ yeah I am in the Uk unfortunately there are no Endo specialists in my area but I am going to ask doctor for the surgery which they have discussed before. So I have to jump through the hoops until I can argue for a specialist. :-) this is simply because I agreed to have an STD test (100% not likely and the staff at the clinic agreed) to jump through the hoop and they said that they wanted to see if they can help especially to booster the doctors referral considering I had been in so much pain for so long. The things we do for a diagnosis.....X

Forgot to mention -

Yes, I also have neck pain and shoulder pain. Have severe degeneration of Cervical Spine (& Osteophytes ) and top two thoracic vertebrae.

Had bad fall and suffered whiplash injuries. Since had left arm / shoulder wrenching injury. Both, many years ago. So as well as neck conditions have Pericapsulitis in left shoulder.

Recent xray of Right shoulder showed Arthritis.

You could , at some point, consider asking GP to refer you to Orthopaedics to Investigate and diagnose neck & shoulder pains? MRI scans perhaps?

Meanwhile try using only one or two pillows at night. Also when pain bad - heat pads , hot water bottles, or put a towel in tumble dryer for ten minutes, wrap around neck and sit as comfy and relaxed as possible till heat wears off. Try Ibuprofen gel. OR 2 paracetamol milk or snack and then one, two or three x 200mg Ibuprofen tablets, get warm & comfy then relax.

xx ♡

Thanks Mary, the towel is a brilliant idea! Sorry to hear about your injury sounds awful and you sound like an absolute trooper! X

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